Severance Show Explanation Episode 6 & 7

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Severance Show Explanation Episode 6 & 7. Severance is one of those shows that is absolutely perfect in every way. Its concept. Acting. Screenplay. And it has really bothered me that I have never gotten around to actually finishing out the series, and completed the writing arc of this glorious show. So, I pulled back out my notes, I dusted them off, reread back through them, and even watched a large swatch of the episodes again. So, let’s dive back into it again, shall we? If you haven’t read my episode 1, 2 or 3 write-ups, you can do so right here!

You can catch the show over on AppleTV. And trust me, it is totally worth your time.

Severance Episode 6 – “Hide and Seek” explanation

It is determined that the hunt for Petey’s chip getting hijacked, allowing for his reintegration, was caused by a previous employee named Reghabi. After discovering that Ms. Casey was sent to the “break room” after not supervising he and Helly, and after being told they are not allowed in the hallways anymore, Mark takes the team and has Irving introduce MDR to O&D. The two teams begins to make plans to try and figure out what Lumon’s secrets are. But when Milchick discovers them, he sends Mark to the break room.

In a bit of a freaky experience, we also watch as Milchick wakes Dylan up at home. They are sitting in the master bedroom walk in closet in order to discover where he hid the card he stole from O&D. Why is it so critical? What does it do? But mid questioning, Dylan’s son walks in and he realizes that he is a father. Devon later sees Gabby again, a woman that she ran into back at the birthing lodge. A woman that she got coffee from. But during this interaction, she obviously has no idea who she is… there is no recognition at all. Later on, Devon discovers that Gabby’s husband is a Lumon supported state senator. Hrm. He is a strong supporter of the idea of severance. Is it possible that it is being used in other ways than just at Lumon?

Cobel’s outtie – Mrs. Selvig, infiltrates her way into Devon’s life by pretending to be a lactation consultant. Which is weird, but OK. Mark (outtie obviously) and Alexa go on a date to dinner. Afterwards, Mark suggests that they go see a band that is playing – he happens to know one of the members of the group. Petey’s daughter. As the concert ends, the last song of night is an anti-Lumon anthem protest song. As the episode ends, Mark answer’s Petey’s phone and decides to meet Reghabi. And back inside, Cobel installs a key-card locked door to the entrance of MDR. They are effectively locked in.

Severance Episode 7 – “Defiant Jazz” explanation

Have I mentioned how much I loved watching this show? Probably the closest thing like it would be Lost. No? Pretty great all the way round. Mindjobby in the extreme.

Mark and Reghabi, still talking in the university lab from the previous episode, are met by Graner. He’s tracking down a campus security lead. But Reghabi bludgeons him to death with a baseball bat. Reghabi takes Graner’s access card, and gives it to Mark to take to work the next day. We then learn that Devon believes Gabby severed her memories to avoid the pain of childbirth. I KNEW IT.

Back inside, Milchick has a dance party – a “Music Dance Experience,” that ends with Dylan attacking Milchick… why? because Milchick wouldn’t tell him his son’s name. You know, the son he only just found out he even had? That son. Milchick quickly leaves in order to tell Cobel about the attack. And that is when Dylan tells the rest of MDR that Lumon has the ability to wake them up outside. “The Overtime Contingency.” And that is when Mark and Helly begin hunting for the security office. (And wherein they find that Lumon watches all of its employees super closely. Better yet? They also learn that there are two levers that enact the overtime contingency. Dylan offers to stay behind. Irving meanwhile heads to find Burt back in O&D to check to see if he’s okay.

Severance Show Explanation Episode 6 & 7

Worried that something has happened to Burt, Irving heads to O&D, only to discover that Burt is retiring. After work, Alexa visits a drunken Mark, who scares her off after ripping up a photo of Gemma. After she leaves, Mark reassembles the photo, revealing it to be of Ms. Casey.

Guess on Where Severance is Going

I think the big secret of Lumon and the idea of Severance is that Lumon manages severances throughout society at large. But because users can’t know whether or not they are in fact severed means that the company is able to exploit people throughout society. It’s happening to everyone I think. I think? (At least at the time I wrote my notes anyway!)

THiNC. Severance Episode Discussion List:

No.TitleOriginal release date 
1“Good News About Hell”February 18, 2022
2“Half Loop”February 18, 2022
3“In Perpetuity”February 25, 2022
4“The You You Are”March 4, 2022
5“The Grim Barbarity Of Optics and Design”March 11, 2022
6“Hide and Seek”March 18, 2022
7“Defiant Jazz”March 25, 2022
8“What’s for Dinner?”April 1, 2022
9“The We We Are”April 8, 2022

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