Monkey Man Movie Vengeance and Redemption

Monkey Man Movie Vengeance and Redemption
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Monkey Man Movie Vengeance and Redemption. Holy cow, do I love me some Dev Patel. The Green Knight, The Wedding Guest, Lion, Slumdog Millionaire, etc., etc. And Monkey Man just keeps continuing his run. And this time, Monkey Man is not only starring Dev Patel, but it’s also directed by him as well. And this movie is gloriously gritty. It’s a riveting action thriller set in some fictional city in India, and is portraying Kid as a man seeking vengeance for a past wrong. And Kid soon finds himself embroiled in a world of crime, corruption, and political intrigue. Supported by a talented ensemble cast including Sharlto Copley (District 9), Adithi Kalkunte, Sikandar Kher, and Sobhita Dhulipala, Patel crafts a gripping narrative that blends elements of mythology, social commentary, and intense action sequences.

Monkey Man Detailed Walkthrough:

The film opens with a sweet scene between Kid as a young child, as he’s listening to his mother Neela as she recounts the legend of Hanuman, a divine monkey figure from Hindu mythology. Flash forward to the present day, and we find Kid living in the slums of Yatana, eking out a living by participating in underground fight clubs. His scarred hands and haunted eyes hint at a troubled past, one that drives him to seek revenge against those who have wronged him. But what is the wrong, what is the justice that he is seeking – what are the demons that circulate just under the surface of those troubled eyes?

Kid’s journey takes him into the seedy underbelly of the city, where he encounters a cast of colorful characters including the ruthless crime boss Queenie and her henchmen, the corrupt police official Rana, and the enigmatic guru Baba Shakti. Along the way, Kid forms alliances with unlikely allies such as the streetwise drug dealer Alphonso and the exploited young woman Sita.

In a flashback to his childhood the trauma and loss that have shaped is revealed. There was a corrupt police force that raided Kid’s and his mother’s home. Why? It was all for the purpose of taking their land by deeming it all a holy place. This horrible injustice was expedited under the direction and guidance of religious guru Baba Shakti. Shakti was attempting to build his influence in the country and the political machinations of India. And he was using his followers, and these corrupt police officers, in order to consolidate his land and power in order to strengthen his growing grip on the country. Power that ignores those really needed on the street – it’s obvious that Shakti’s incursions of terror are a blight on India and its chance at being a better place. Kid’s plan is for retribution of some sort – we only see him purchasing a small but powerful handgun – but for what purpose? To what end?

Impatient and seething with growing indignity by working at Kings Club, Kid decides the time is now to claim his vengeance. Being granted access to the floor above the club’s “restaurant,” Kid spots his prey: the man with the mustache, Rana, who is not only a corrupt police official but is currently being given a lap dance by Sita while, ironically, a remix of The Police’s “Roxanne” blasts over the club’s audio system. I mean…… come on. That is brilliant. It gets a zero for subtlety, but a 100/10 for brilliance. (For the record – its a remix entitled Redlight by Swedish House Mafia, and it’s a must listen.) Those non-resolving minors… GAHHHHH. So good.) And just because I’m a completionist, the second song in that scene?? Somebody To Love – Ben Kim (Gorgon City Remix). Quite the duet they make together. Regardless, having mixed in bleach with the cocaine he’s just distributed, Kid watches as Rana’s nose begins to bleed. Because that’s what happens when you snort bleach.

“Blessings from my mother.”

But Kid’s perfect moment of revenge goes pear-shaped when, after a brutal fight, Kid attempts to escape once the club’s security bears down on him – which includes a glorious moment where Kid wasn’t able to break a bathroom window. So great. Regardless, he eventually makes it out of the club – which sends him on a merry police chase in Alphonso’s super-sick-ride/tuk tuk. After a crash, and a capturing by the police, Kid wakes inside the police van and fights his way out. He runs for it across the city street’s rooftops, and jumps full-on into the river below. Eventually saved by Alpha and their hijra compatriots, Kid is brought to their temple hideaway. The hijra, a third gender in Hindu society, are a marginalized group facing discrimination and persecution. As Kid heals from his injuries, he forms a bond with the hijra and learns about their struggles in a society that shuns and oppresses them.

However, Kid’s physical recovery is only part of his journey; he must also heal emotionally and spiritually in order to confront his enemies and achieve true justice. Under the guidance of Alpha, Kid undergoes a series of trials and challenges that force him to confront his past and embrace his destiny as a protector of the weak and oppressed. And as Kid’s training progresses, he begins to tap into the power of Hanuman, the divine monkey figure from his mother’s stories. Drawing strength from Hanuman’s example of courage and selflessness, Kid prepares himself for the final showdown with his enemies.

On the night of the Diwali festival, Kid infiltrates the Kings Club, which is hosting a social event for the Sovereign Party. With the help of his hijra allies, Kid fights his way through the club, confronting Queenie, Rana, and Baba Shakti in a series of intense and brutal battles. Gotta say – the choreography throughout was something else. Really top notch.

Monkey Man Vengeance and Redemption - a movie from the imagination of Dev Patel and gorgeously and grittily brought to life for us.

The Mythology of Monkey Man

From a comparative religions standpoint, I’m very familiar with Hinduism. But the specific ins and outs of the various gods and their mythological (theological?) backgrounds – not so much. So I really had some fun learning more about the Hanuman, and was IMMEDIATELY intrigued by this key figure within the Hindu panoply of their demi-gods and worldview. A Wikipedia search later, I learn that the Hanuman is one of India’s most celebrated and worshiped deities. Okay? Who knew? Yes,, he’s the monkey god and is recognized as a symbol of strength, devotion, and loyalty and is prominently featured in the Indian epic, the Ramyana, where he worships the god known as Lord Rama. He has the face of a monkey and the body of a man and he wears a gold crown on his head and has a long tail.

Weirdest of all – Hanuman has an opening in his chest, and within that opening of his chest, it reveals the face of Rama. Now, Rama is the figure within Hinduism that embodies cosmic law and justice (dharma). It’s an embodiment chivalry and virtue. Also, Hanuman is known for his physical abilities, such as incredible strength and flight.

But the most interesting piece with regard to Hanuman is his desire for chivalry… his desire for justice. Which is the moral clarion that we all respond to when watching films like this. WHY DO WE LIKE MOVIES LIKE JOHN WICK?? BECAUSE IT AWAKENS IN US A HOPE FOR JUSTICE, AND RECKONING. We all have an internal understanding that the world is broken – disjointed – entropically misaligned. And that is why we pay 15 of our hard earned dollars for a ticket, and $45 for a small bag of popcorn in order to watch these tales unfold. It snaps into a door lock in our soul, and unlocks a desire to see this tale unfold in order to help us make sense of the world we live in. Right? CAN I GET AN AMEN??

Monkey Man is Epic Cinema Quality Totally Worth Watching:

It is a fact that Monkey Man, written and directed brilliantly by Patel… is a tour de force of filmmaking. He carried this movie from an acting standpoint. The film’s gritty realism and raw emotional intensity are matched only by its stunning visuals and breathtaking action sequences. Patel’s portrayal of Kid is a masterclass in understated intensity, capturing the character’s inner turmoil and moral complexity with nuance and depth.

But what truly sets “Monkey Man” apart is its thematic depth and social relevance. Through Kid’s journey, Patel explores issues of power, privilege, and the pursuit of justice in a society plagued by corruption and inequality. The film’s exploration of these themes is both timely and thought-provoking, inviting audiences to reflect on the world around them and the forces that shape their lives.

In the end, “Monkey Man” is more than just an action movie; it’s a gripping tale of redemption and resilience, a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome even the greatest of challenges. With its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and breathtaking action, “Monkey Man” is a must-see film that will leave a lasting impression on audiences long after the credits roll.