Wild Tales Argentinian Movie Recommendation

The movie is setup in six distinctly different acts. But they are all tied together in their maliciousness. In that way, they are more like episodes from Dark Mirror, or maybe the Twilight Zone. But the only mind capable of pulling this off other than Damián Szifron's would be Quinten Tarantino.

So Maybe I Do Want To See Mission Impossible 4 Now

Yes, this video was released intentionally to bolster Mr. Cruise sagging box office draw. Yes, it was a calculated move to show an amazing behind the scenes stunt. And yeah, I may actually watch it now.

Behind the Scenes with Ronald McDonald

What I have just seen in this behind the scenes look at what it takes to be Ronald McDonald cannot be unseen. Think very very carefully about hit this play button. Very very carefully.

Mr Robot and Ex Machina Extended Website Goodness

what I find so interesting is this new generation of websites that are so immersive and supportive of the show itself. They have gone to new lengths to promote the show that aren't cheap. I'm sure they spent around a hundred grand a piece or more developing these websites just in the hopes of more guerilla marketing for their content.

Amanda Peterson From Can’t Buy Me Love Has Passed Away

To think that maybe we geeks could actually be seen as valuable and accepted?! And this was way way back in the day before Geeks were cool. Nerds were definitely a lower caste system and at a remove from everyone else on the planet.

Is Self/Less A New Worthwhile Mind Job Movie?

So apparently there is a new movie coming called Self/Less that has been languishing in Hollywood production hell for the last year or so. And at first blush, this movie looks amazing.

The Martian Trailer Is Here

There are two movies that have crushed the world of independent book publishing. The first was Wool. I just can't even say enough about how amazing Hugh Howey's books are. Idea driven, gorgeous characters. The ...

Ex Machina Explained and Reviewed

Ex Machina Explained and Reviewed - wherein I blow your mind w/ a fantastic movie for your evening enjoyment. We have Robots. We have Dancing. We have love!

Interview With Burnt Grass Short Creator Ray Wong

Yes. I think Sally, at that exact moment was just happy that she was the one that survived. It’s relief really. I’m sure once she walked away and had a chance for everything to sink in, she’d have a different reaction.

The Most Beautiful Day Interview With Einar Kuusk

am planning to make the world and its characters into an awesome post-apocalyptic, fantasy, sci-fi web series! I am currently writing the second episode and soon to launch the crowd funding project for it. I am going to continue the story of Sherman, introduce new characters, new stories and expand the world.

The End Of The Tour Trailer Is Here

The End Of The Tour Trailer Is HereThe best author of all time is an abundantly simple call for me. It is without a doubt, David Foster Wallace. I've spoken at length about Mr. Wallace numerous times here.....

State Zero Short Film Find

The only reason I'm bringing this particular short film to you guys is so that you can help me understand the ending. I mean, WAH? And a "To Be Continued" to boot?

Ruinable Movies in 5 Words Or Less

So I figured, heck - if you are going to do it... DO IT. Don't pick lame movies with even more lame spoilers. So I thought I'd throw down and really show them how to really ruin a movie in five words or less.