starwars holiday special watch now

Watch the Starwars Holiday Special Now

Because I care so very much about my readers... or maybe because I don't care about you at all? And since it's the holidays and all, I thought I would make it possible for you to watch the Starwars holiday ...

The BBC Sherlock Mini Episode Is Up

The BBC Sherlock Mini Episode Is Up The greatest show on all of television - hyperbole is my thing, deal with it - is without a doubt Sherlock from BBC.  There have been two "seasons" so far.  The seasons co...

Christopher Nolan’s New Movie Interstellar

Christopher Nolan - New Movie Interstellar I've been aware that Christopher Nolan's New Movie Interstellar was on its way for about a year now?  I had heard that the movie was about wormhole travel, and not mu...

Gravity Movie Review Sandra Bullock

Alright, you get the idea. This wasn't a movie. It was an event. The story maybe stretched it a teensy bit in stringing one chaotic event after another but, dang. To put this in perspective... the opening shot is 13 minutes long. THIRTEEN MINUTES without a cut.

A New Show By Banksy

banksy 1 artist, noun, plural bank·sees. 1. a street hoodlum determined to sully the cities he works in. 2. a confused "artist" that can't afford canvas, and therefore chooses to utilizes inner-city wal...

S A New Book From JJ Abrams

S A New Book From JJ Abrams - a literary puzzle. In the margins is another story. And ultimately it is a confrontation between two readers.
Upstream Color Life Cycle Explanation

Upstream Color Life Cycle Explanation

Upstream Color Life Cycle Explanation World Domination Inc. (WDI) appreciates your visiting our Worm, Pig, Orchid (WPO) initiative discussion guide.  It is in this WPO cycle that WDI plans to fulfill all of it...
July Books We Love

Books We Love July 2013 Movie Edition

Books We Love July 2013 Movie Edition Every month we here at Books We Love list out the great books we've read and the books we are looking forward to.  This month we are doing it a little differently in tha...
side effects move review

Side Effects Movie Review

Side Effects Movie Review This movie needs to be seen.  It needs to have people back up to movie rental stores and overpay in the millions.  Checks need to be written and mailed in to the production company th...
Orphan Black Online Review

Orphan Black Online Review

Ok, so this isn't an Orphan Black Online Review.  Yeah, I know... that's what I do here.  I not only review heady stuff, but I also tease it apart and argue with you about how it works.  And to be completely ...
before sunrise

Before Sunrise Sunset and Midnight Review

Before Sunrise Sunset and Midnight Review Quick update - at the halfway point if the year it looks as though IndieWire, and a number of other significant movie blogs, have "Before Midnight" and "Upstream Col...

Upstream Color Review – Shane Carruth

Upstream Color Review "I have to apologize. I was born with a disfigurement where my head is made of the same material as the sun."To begin my Upstream Color Review - I figured I would list out a few of...

Best Con Artist Movies

Best Con Artist Movies of all time. Our list includes the greats like; The Sting, Ocean's Eleven, The Grifter, The Spanish Prisoner, Nine Queens, etc. Join in on the discussion of the absolute best Con Artist Movies of all time

Definitive Must See Documentary List

This is my definitive must see documentary list. It contains all the "Must See" movies of the past 10 years. Definitely a worthwhile list to check out.