The Top THiNC Movies of 2018

The Top THiNC Movies of 2018 - everyone loves a best of list, right!? Well, I promise you, this is as good a guide to what to watch in 2019 as anything you can get your hands on. I promise.

Merry Christmas Everyone…

E. E. Cummings happens to be one of my favorite poets. Maybe second only to T. S. Eliot. Anyway, figured this Christmas poem from Cummings would be a good way to celebrate the most important day of the year......

Biblionomicron – James

Join me as we unpack the Biblical book of James and get to know Jesus' half brother a little better.

The Night Eats the World Reviewed and Discussed

The Night Eats the World is an introspective, thoughtful turn on the standard zombie movie trope. And yet, it also has a number of tricks up its sleeve as well. It's a worthwhile watch for sure.

100 Movie Recommendations Poster

THiNC. helps people find new and interesting movies that will make you think - as well as entertain. And here is our definitive list of 100 movie recommendations for over 180 hours of viewing pleasure.

Tripping to Haiti

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I'll be out of the country for the next bit - as we adopt two boys from Haiti.