Bitter Lake Unveils The Power of Story Telling

Bitter Lake Unveils The Power of Story TellingThis post came simply enough... it was caused by a mistake during a conversation while in the Philippines. Looking back on it, it was incredibly embarrassing, a...
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Underground Games As Philosophical Epiphanies

Text Games As Philosophical Epiphanies I have recently fallen in love with what many people are doing in the game arena with raw text. So much so that it has changed the way I look at game development. And I...

Experimental Web Game Entitled Within

In that same vein, at the end of the year this last year, I ran across an experimental web game entitled Within.  I saw an article about it on Zite, (which is dying, but how I find all the really cool stuff hiding on the interwebs - not looking forward to finding something else to replace it.) and then went to download and play it.  But it was as if the game was a ghost and didn't want to be found.  I caught whiffs of it, and scents of it, but poof.  It was gone.
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Halloween Tribute Funny Scare Pics

Halloween Tribute Funny Scare Pics - I am dying to know what it is that completely unhinges these people. It looks awesome. Gotta add heading to the Nightmares Fear Factory at Niagra Falls to my bucket list. This looks seriously full tilt. Happy Halloween everyone...

Linklater’s Game Changing Movie Boyhood

Linklater's Game Changing Movie Boyhood - When Linklater went looking for his acting talent he made everyone agree to meet once a summer for twelve years in advance. To my knowledge nothing like this has ever been done before. The commitment necessary to pull this movie off was outstanding. And yet, it is still basically an unknown movie. I highly doubt that it will be an enormous hit in the theaters even though it should be.
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Glitches Chapter 17 It didn’t take much for Yolanda’s argument to win the day. She was advocating that we finally go on the offensive. We were in a bad way and we had to do something to get the tables tur...
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Glitches Chapter 19 We were walking through back alleys and side streets hoping to keep as low a profile as possible. I was doing my best to shadow buildings and walk under overhangs at each opportunity. ...