Nina Lindgren and her Cardboard Cities

There are certain days that are more important than others.  Take for instance, today.  Today is more important than others because of many reasons.  But the biggest of which, is because its the day you learned about artist Nina Lindgren.  Nina has a simple style that evokes a childlike perfection to it.  She is an emerging artist that works the holy trifecta of illustration, photography and printmaking.  And now she has taken a dip into the world of architecture with her latest creations of cardboard box cities.  Nina has been crafting a series of geometric cardboard houses that blow the door off of anything I’ve ever seen before.  

When my children were pint sized editions of their current selves, I created a basement city of houses that began with a single room.  They then morphed into tunnels and antechambers connected to lesser great rooms and greater great rooms.  It came to take over the basement – which wasn’t cool, because the basement was where the entertainment center was.  It got a little out of control.  To the point where I had to spend the better part of a saturday morning rebuilding large swathes and sections after we had larger children visit.   Mailboxes.  Doors.  Windows.  Skylights. Chimneys.  Back doors.  Formal entry ways.  It went on and on.  And it was in action for the better part of five solid years probably.  It actually became a problem because, I mean, how do you get that much cardboard?  Right.  I don’t know either.  Just for repairs I had an unhealthy cardboard diet requirement.  Let alone for entirely new sections… 

Anyway, enough about me.  Wait… is there ever really enough about me??!  hahahah.  Anyway Nina’s created two versions of her etherial box cities concept.  A hanging city version and a standing version.  Both are very cool.  Her “Floating City” version was exhibited at ArtRebels Gallery in Copenhagen.  Her website is also a blast to visit.  Its a design heaven all of its own.

Without Further ado – Nina Lindgren and her Cardboard Cities

nina1 nina2  nina4 nina5 nina6