Shepard Fairey Murals the Country

Shepard Fairey Murals the Country

Shepard Fairey, the artist best known in popular culture for his HOPE graphic of Obama, has spent the last two months putting up murals around the country.  Before his Obama portrait Fairey was better known in the art world for his Obey Giant street art that centered on a portrait of Andre the Giant.   Shepard has been using his distinctive style to hit some really enormous swatches of wall in five different major metropolitan areas of the country.  Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, South Carolina, & New York were all hit with Fairey’s amazing propoganda and Obey artistic style.  Here are a couple a shots from the country-wide tour.





Talk about having the coolest job in the world ever.  Man.  Do you ever slow down and think, man, if only?  But I do have to say that Shepard is one of the greatest graphic designers in the world today.  That he is able to use his skills for doing all kinds of crazy subversive wildness is even better, as opposed to working for AT&T’s latest multimillion dollar ad campaign.

Oh to be off creating subversive messages in the culture as a full time job!