Cirque Du Soleil Meets Quad Copters

Circuses are innately scary places. I know. I took my kids to one a bit ago and haven’t quite recovered since. Literally, the clowns are sad sad beings. The contortionist? Oh, he needed out of that sad ramschackle of a performing troupe so badly it was palpable in the cheap seats. What am I saying, they were all cheap seats. Never mind the state of the animals! Gah. I even checked online and there were so many better business bureau claims agains the particular circus I couldn’t even sort them all out.

Regardless, Cirque du Soliel is truly fantastic. (Fantastique?) I’ve happened to pick up a show in Denver, Orlando and Las Vegas(? I lose track, LA? No idea.)  My favorite memory of the show was heading to the door with my tickets in my hands and having a clown take the tickets and walk us all the way down to the stage.  He then proceed onto the circular stage, and then to the center of said stage.  Where he then placed the tickets in the middle of the stage… on the ground.  And he then gestured that these would be our seats for the evening.  So I headed onto the stage and sat down.  It was a good evening out.

And now that they are adding choreographed quad copters it is only going to get fantasticker. Or something. Here’s the making of video for your enjoyment.

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