Watch Black Mirror Now

Watch Black Mirror Now

It’s rare that I watch TV.  Usually I’ll binge watch a show while on a 17 hour direct flight.  I remember knocking out season one of Breaking Bad on the flight to Seoul.  I blitzed through season one and two of Sherlock somewhere between Ethiopia and the Philippines.  But generally I’m not a huge TV fan.  We don’t turn the TV (by TV I mean, the one with channels) on, like ever.  It just never happens.  Don’t get me wrong, We have a massive TV sitting prominently in our family room.  We even have an Xbox One.  But I just don’t get anything out of normal Television programming.  But, just like you, when you do find that perfect show to indulge in?  Oh perfection.  Love it.

Well, now we have another show from across the pond worth paying attention to.  Not only am I head over heals about Downton Abbey (unashamedly, apparently).  And Sherlock.    For you Americans out there who’ve yet to hear about it, the show is called Black Mirror and its come to mess with your head.

black-mirror-bEveryone is likening it to The Twilight Zone.  Which fits, as these are stand alone episodes that switch out actors across the board.  It’s a non-serial storyline.  And the plots are stand alone ideas from beginning to end.   Episode one of season one – entitled National Anthem – is a serious serious mental head job, and I actually won’t recommend it for everyone.  It is possibly the best episode for making you think, and really challenging your beliefs from a Social Media, as Terrorism, as Social Commentary, as Political Terrorism, as Performance Art as Television Show.  It is so Mobius Strip I can’t even tease out the end from the beginning on this episode.

black-mirror-aAnd yet, the rest of the episodes are only slightly more digestible, as each one has a social jab, and a very loud and in your face commentary as life as we know it today.  Hackers steal brain storage drives.  Political Mutually Assured Distruction flaunts itself as Performance Nihilism.  Voyeurism becomes rallying cries becomes voyeurism again.  Its truly one of the most cleverly written shows I’ve ever encountered.  So much so, that part of me thinks of the episodes more as ART and editorial commentary than it is entertainment.  And yet, disturbingly, they are ever so entertaining.

The show is not your normal American format with 24 shows each running an hour a piece.  No.  This is more of a Sherlock format.  3 shows a season.  About an hour each. I’d consider them more like movies – short movies – in their conceptualization.   So each one is a gem in its own right.  They are currently releasing Season three.  And I’ve already shared the show with a number of friends who have already watched them and have come back with amazing feedback.

Here, as a special treat, I’ve been given permission by Mikie Daniel to share with you his custom design for each of the season 1 episodes.  Very sleek and uber low key designs that I adore.  But without seeing each of the episodes they really won’t make much sense to you.   You can learn more about the designs over on Mikie’s blog.  Maybe if we all swing over and say thanks, he’ll give us posters for season two as well!  Hahah.  Thanks Mikie.  Appreciate it.


Anyway, make sure you swing by Netflix and start your binge watching.  Love to hear what you think.