Just A Hawk Flying Between Two Trees

hawk-treesJust A Hawk Flying Between Two Trees

Oh, this?  This is nothing.  Just a hawk flying between two trees.  Which I could watch over and over and over again.  So majestic, and incredibly precise.  Reminds me of this fantastic video about a Goshawk flying through a small hole slowed down 40x.

The video of this goshawk buzzing through these tight spaces are enough to make me very very glad that I am not downward of this thing in the foodchain hierarchy. It’s fairly frightening really. The look of its eyes as it folds in its wings, ducks its head, lifts its talons… all fairly pants-wetting in their potential repercussions. Regardless, I am dying to find time to sit and sketch an animation of these birds doing these tricks. Even just a rough line drawing animation would be divine. I just can’t stop watching that gif drawing. Is there such a thing as a Gif-Intervention?