Susanna Hesselberg Builds A Tesseract to the Center of the Earth








Susanna Hesselberg Builds A Tesseract to the Center of the Earth

Swedish artist, Susanna Hesselberg, installed this gorgeously haunting library that plummets into the darkness like a tesseract into the center of the earth for her biannual Sculpture by the Sea. The piece can be found in Aarhus, Denmark, and it is joined by 55 other sculptures displayed there until July 5th of this year.

The raison d’etre of this particular piece is fairly haunting in that it is in memorium of the artist’s father who recently died. The piece is entitled, “When My Father Died It was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down.” Which is in reference to a lyric from Laurie Anderson’s song World Without End.

I can’t say enough words about this piece. Many many words must be said. To think that my relationship with my children could possibly even have the potential… on a good day… to make one of them do something like this for me – warms my heart. That there was anyone that ever honored their father with such an act – warms my heart. It’s just maddeningly amazing that this piece exists and that it is shared between a father and a daughter makes me want to explode from the awesomeness of it. It is great. Like, truly great. Not the hyperbolistic ‘great’ – the real great. As in Big and Enormous. It is great.