Berkeley Breathed is bringing back Opus and Bloom County again

Berkeley Breathed is bringing back Opus and Bloom County again

This might seem like an off day at to you – but no – this is as good as it gets right here. If you don’t know the rather curious name Berkeley Breathed, or maybe even Bloom county, this is all going to come from left field for you. But how about if I put it this way for you… Bloom County is the single greatest comic strip ever created.

Blam. I know right?

I’ll substantiate that for you in a bit. But for right now, we have this image which is a call to arms for all Opus and Bill the Cat fans out there to ruminate over.


Fairly appropriate that the very first cell of the very first strip is of Opus. We also learn a few other things from this image that are surprising. Like that Mr. Breathed sketches his strips with a Wacom Tablet. (That he uses a Mac is a given, duh.) And he chooses to paint in Photoshop is pretty interesting as well. But the most interesting and fantastic bit? The title – “Bloom County 2015”. Brilliant. Love it.

Still unsure this is a good thing for the world? I can’t think of a single better thing for the world than this one thing actually.



Brilliant. Absolute brilliance. I’m still laughing reading those again.

Berkley Breathed’s sketching style and humor is very physical… very active in its layout. Exaggeration is the number one tool of his trade. And extreme caustic sarcasm is the wit that carries the strips forward.

If you know anything about Bloom County, you know that Donald Trump was a HUGE character in the series. Back in the day they blackmailed him and kidnapped the guy… and now that he is officially running for president?!? When asked if Trump’s run for president had anything to do with the comic’s return, Mr. Breathed even went so far as to say that, “This creator can’t precisely deny that the chap you mention had nothing do with it.”