Create Your Own Gorgeous Maps on Mapiful

Create Your Own Gorgeous Maps on Mapiful

fairburn-topoI’m a huge map lover. Maps are pieces of art in my mind. Each one gorgeously and lovingly created and reproduced. Some are obviously more artistic than others. I personally have two enormous maps of England and Switzerland hanging in my home, and you couldn’t pull them out of my cold dead hands. They mean the world to me.

My own personal favorites are topographic maps. Couple that with a place that I recognize, or has significance and its money. Add on top of that some hand drawn art, and you have magic in my mind.

But not all of us have Fairburn’s skill. So what about the rest of us? For the rest of us, we are all in luck. Because there is a site out there which allows you to point the site at a specific location in the world and then create your own gorgeous map. And for $60, Mapiful will mail you your new work of art to hang in your hallway.

So, to show you how easy it is… I’ve crafted a few of my favorite places in the world. Oh, and they have different design options, colors, font treatments. But this one, which is their default, is my absolute favorite. If you want to check them out, let them know I sent you.