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LSD Line Square Dot Fantastic Little Indie Game

I love everything independent. Independent film making. Independent game development. I love guys out there on their own that just doing amazing work against the grain.

I recently discovered a game called LSD (come on, that’s an awesome video game name) and it stands for Line, Suare, Dot. The game is simple in concept, yet infinitely addictive (thus the LSD maybe?) to play.

A ball drops from the sky – and your goal is to draw lines across the flight path of the ball in order to help it redirect into the box. Simple? No, not really. I think I’ve only successfully completed 4 levels. I’ve dropped it on this page below if you’d like to try it.

It’s harder to play in a smaller window than a bigger window. If you’d like to play fullscreen, check it out here. I was thinking of jumping in and helping them build an iOS version of the game. Apparently they want someone to assist towards getting this created. If you want 50% of the profits on this handy little game then feel free and contact the original developers here: https://github.com/franzenzenhofer/lsd. Oh, and I expect my 10% cut once you become rich. Thanks for that.

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