Reversed Portraits by Nettie

Just recently stumbled upon an artist named Nettie Wakefield that is doing these über awesome pencil drawings of the back of people’s heads. Nettie has a Masters in drawing that she completed in 2013, but has been working as a freelance artist since 2009. What brought Nettie to my attention was her first solo show at the Rook and Raven Gallery in Fitzrovia London. The show raised money that she donated to The Old Vic.

But there is something about drawings of hair that I adore. Love the shine and the difficulty of the waves while still being linear. The shimmer? Ah. The shine? Love it. And to think of doing reversed portraits is pretty clever. I think Nettie might just be an artist to keep your eye on going forward.

Nettie-Pencil-Sketches85 Nettie-Pencil-Sketches8 Nettie-Pencil-Sketches9 Nettie-Pencil-Sketches7 Nettie-Pencil-Sketches6 Nettie-Pencil-Sketches5 Nettie-Pencil-Sketches3 Nettie-Pencil-Sketches1

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