A Few Uncensored Thoughts on Donald Drumpf

I think I’ve spoken before about how I am an unapologetic Republican, especially when I was talking about the gun problem this country has. But the main reason I’ve been a Republican is because Republicans were pro-balanced budgets. But when was the last time anyone even attempted a balanced budget, Republican or Democrat. I also care very passionately about protection for the unborn… but when was the last time that a Republican President attempted to overturn Roe v.? Yeah, I can’t remember either. And so, over time, I’ve become more and more apolitical because the two parties are becoming more and more synonymous.

Regardless, this John Oliver discussion about Trump as a very real presidential candidate is the eye opener that the Republican party needs to just walk away from this insanity. I literally would rather put Hillary in office than vote for Trump. Like, this guy will not ever, for any reason, even under gunpoint, pull the lever for Trump. No. Not happening.

But I am very interested as to why someone would. If you’d like to tell me why he’d make a great candidate – in a coherent, and non-vitriol laced way that is.

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