Amazing Architectural Carvings by Matt Simmons

Amazing Architectural Carvings by Matt Simmons
Occasionally I see artists’ work and I think – I could maybe do that… hrm. I should try. And I give it a go. For instance, I’ve been working and working to reproduce something a bit like a Ben Butler sketch… Haven’t quite really captured it. But I’ve enjoyed trying it. Ben was a fantastic interview, and an even more amazing artist. There are others that I can nail right away. And seeing as though I fairly suck at this art thing I have to wonder.

But when I took my first look at Matt Simmons architectural carvings I knew there was no way. I can’t even conceive, from what sort of alchemy that these carvings could come from. Like, you know? Was it a computer? With a diamond cutter? Was it a robot with some sort of arc welder that was dialing these lines in? They are absolutely amazing.

And more importantly, look at the rocks that Mr. Simmons is carving from. Obviously they are high quality marble, or structurally sound minerals of some sort. But really? The fact that he makes these magical locations just appear out of nowhere. To think that these rooms and cathedral ceilings just appeared out of th center of these base forms? They are amazing. And you know what? I’d like one. Fairly badly! Can you imagine? I think they’d be perfect for posing my star wars action figures! hahaha.

No seriously. These carvings are just amazing.

Probably about the only problem I have with our Mr. Simmons? Right. Well, he never returned my emails to get the chance to be interviewed by ME! hahah. I won’t fault him for that. Generally, most people take the time out to chat. But I know that Matt’s star is right launching off the planet presently. And I can’t imagine these things create themselves. I’m sure they take months and months to make. So I’m sure he is fairly busy. But regardless, these are truly marvelous pieces.