Westworld Season 1 Episode 6 Walkthrough and Explanation and Theories

Sorry for being a little late on my Episode 6 walkthrough of Westworld… but I will be extraordinarily honest with you all… I fell asleep. And then I fell asleep again. And then the elections happened. And then I haven’t gotten back to it since Tuesday’s crazy events. (For you time travelers who have NO IDEA what happened this past week… Trump was elected president of the United States. Yeah, that was a fairly big deal.) So yeah, that was my excuse. I know that Episode 7 just came out last night, and I will be on top of this one sooner. I promise. But since ep6 was a bit of a sleeper, I will do a quick walk through of the events and then I will focus my efforts on the current running theories prior to episode 7, because I am hearing seven will change everything. So let’s get our theories out there and then dash them all as we head into episode 7.

Westworld Season 1 Episode 6 Walkthrough

I would say that the two big themes of episode 6 were Maeve’s turning the tables on the techs at Delos and Dr. Ford’s stable of hosts he has squirreled away… and what both mean in the larger scheme of things. We kick off the episode with Maeve, who is dying to get back to Delos’ headquarters. Literally. She convinces a cowboy to strangle her. And she wakes up back on a gurney… “Now, where were we?” And Maeve goes so far as to manipulate, threaten and connive her way to upping her detailed characteristics – most specifically her IQ. Let me be clear – Maeve is now a player in the game of Westworld. This has been coming for a while now… but now it’s here.

We learn that hosts are much smarter than humans because they have better hardware than we do. But they remain in check because of their software limitations the administrators have placed on them. But now? Maeve has been unleashed. She already was able to remember past day to day. Already she knew how to transcend time and space and be released from the locks of her oppressors. And now? Now she has increased her levels in such a way as to allow her to out think the humans that are subjecting her to slavery.

And the second big discovery is that Bernard finds Dr. Ford’s doll house of Version 1 hosts made by Albert. Bernard wanders in and asks a simple question… “what are you doing!?”. This is obviously against the rules. This is obviously breaking all manner of safety standards and bylaws of the company that has created Westworld. And yet, here we are watching Dr. Ford play house. What is going on here? We have no real answers this week… but, I think this echoes and predicts a future truth. But we can talk about that later on in the season I think.

Westworld Theories and Potential Realities

There are a billion possible theories on where this show is going. Like Lost at season one… this thing is a wide wide wide open book. This thing could be jumbled and churned in a million different ways. But these are just the first to pop off the top of my head and the most interesting to me.

Westworld Multi-Host Theory
I think it’s impossible for the techs to take the hosts that are killed, and fix them in one night. I think it’s so impossible that I had this thought… what if there are many different hosts for each character? What if Delos manages them just like Disneyland manages all the Snow White’s in their parks? They rigidly protect them from encountering themselves. Maybe.

Westworld Non-Linear Timeline
This one is simple enough – everything we see is out of order. It’s like we are our own hosts and our memories are hit or miss. We might be seeing flash backs from the future, and flashbacks from the past. We can’t trust anything that we are being seen. None of it. The actually recording of the events is faulty and so our perspectives of reality are messed up as well.

Westworld Delos Employees Hosts Theory
I firmly believe that many, if not all, of the Delos employees are actually hosts. Let that one simmer for a moment. Maybe even everyone but Dr. Ford.

Westworld Human Hosts Theory
And similarly, I think that we will soon find out that some of the ‘hosts’ are actually humans. Let that simmer for a moment.

Westworld and Delos as Massive Psychological Experiment
Darkworld anyone? I keep coming back to that movie over and over again. That movie basically saw aliens putting good people in bad settings and seeing what they would do. They were working to figure out what makes humans human. Maybe there is a third or fourth layer outside of Delos awaiting us. Maybe everything we see here is just one big massive experiment?

Man in Black is William & William is the Man in Black

But my current favorite theory – and one that I would almost bet a child over – is that William is the Man in Black. Wait WHAT?!? I hear you yelling at your computer screen. Stop. Stop. Think. Remember my theory up above that we are seeing things in non-linear time? That one? Yeah, this is a perfect example of that. When we see William taking off with Dolores, we are actually seeing the early years of the Man in Black’s time in Westworld.

Remember how Logan, William’s business partner – and soon to be brother-in-law, comments on how his family is considering purchasing the park? I personally believe that William helps buy out the park and is actually becomes the president of Delos. Long shot? Nah. Dr. Ford has even said that “The Man in Black” is a very special guest. Well, yeah. I’d say so. Because his name is William and he basically owns the place.


Westworld is a show that I can’t get enough of. It’s like Lost at 11. It’s like Ex Machina at 27. I love the conjecturing. I love the wondering. I love listening for clues and trying to figure out where Nolan, Joy and Abrams are going. And it’s the wondering that is the most fun. So I’ll be here wondering until there isn’t any more wondering to do.

Westworld Season 1 Walkthrough and Explanation
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