Radiohead Exit Music (for a film)

Mad World by Belmond & Parker

Mad World by Belmond & Barker

This week has been hell on wheels… with quick turn trips to Chicago (back to my old haunts and Giordanos, yeah that was goodness.) and birthdays and family chaos. But this song? This song has powered me through the entire work. I haven’t stopped listening to it all week long. And I’m listening now and I can’t imagine turning it off. So much goodness.

Right? (this is where you don’t think… you just say “right.” Good. That wasn’t so hard now was it? I’m sitting here cranking out a review of PI and I just walked out of that new Avengers movie. And you guys really really don’t want me to write about that movie. You really really don’t. Not in this mood I’m in, and not with these cool tunes coursing through my veins. Nope.

Anyway, I haven’t shared a song in a long time. And this one? This one is my gift to you! And for a limited time? I’ll even throw in a set of bonus Ginsu Knives with this song that was my obsession the week before. Look, I never once said I didn’t have an addictive personality. Not once.

Until next time.