This site used to be a much more eclectic splash of various and sundry things. You know – random elucidations on the latest science discovery thing, or inside out interview conversations with random Iranians, eclectic thoughts on the meaning of the universe, short movie hype conversations, short story pontifications, thoughts on authors, ideas about podcasts, you know – just a lot more going on here than just movies.

And even worse, I’d sometimes just post about my new favorite song. I’m a little OCD in that regularly, music sticks into me like a splinter in my mind, and sometime I’d let you all know what splinter was currently stuck in my mind. Today – this is the song that is currently embedded really really deeply into my medulla oblongata:

Alright, I’m heading back into my Siren movie review writing.

But I have an offer for you guys. To the three of you that are reading this. If you have a movie you haven’t been able to get me to watch in the movie suggestion tab – if you comment it below – I promise I will watch the top three movie suggestions below before any other movies I have in my list, or from the suggestions box.

That, is not a small thing. I will oath with you that I will watch your trashy Parisian horror movie before any other movie my family wants to take me to…or that I am dying to watch. Got it? All you have to do is read this – learn that this is a thing – and then comment about it below. Simple.

(Please Lord, make them good movies!!!)

Thanks for reading gang – I’m honored. I really am.

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10 Responses

  1. deKev

    Hidden (2015)

    Can’t promise this will be a good enough movie for you, since only about 3 persons have actually watched this before, it’s just so well hidden, ahem. But if you like 10 Cloverfield Lane, then you’ll probably like this one too: Bunker. 3 persons. Shut off to a hostile world.

  2. Taylor Holmes

    We have our first movie watch this week. (Can’t promise I’ll have it done this week. I have two I am currently working on, but it’ll be soon.) Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Taylor Holmes

      No one else wants to shove your movie to the top of the list? Please don’t put Mary Poppins in here. Or, for the love of all that’s good and HOLY, Taylor Swift’s new Americana movie. Gah.

      come on! No one else. And DeKev, you are disqualified from adding another. hahahah. Angel, feel free. But DeKev? Nope. hahahah.

  3. Angel

    Good action/good dialog/confusing plot – Guy Richie’s movie The Gentlemen. Just watched and really liked it. Maybe you will like it… you appreciate good dialog. And good action. My boyfriend and I just walked out of the theater and thought of you.

    • Taylor Holmes

      Interesting. Date night for us last night to The Gentlmen as well! hahahah. Maybe we were in the same theatre Angel!! Too funny. And yeah, this was a blast of a movie. Really enjoyed it. Sure, This will be movie number 2.

      One more slot open… 1) Hidden 2) The Gentlemen 3)????


  4. Spencer M.

    My recommendation probably will not count since I have not recommended a movie in the movie suggestion tab. So anyone reading this, please post your movie you’ve been trying to get Taylor to watch.

    My recommendation is the documentary called HUSH
    can be seen online :

    “The documentary film HUSH is a pro-choice woman’s investigation into some of the controversial long-term negative effects of abortion on women’s health.”

    If you want to skip the film and see the core of the controversy in a 3 minute video made by the HUSH filmaker, then here you go :

    • Taylor Holmes

      Controversial much? Wow. Yeah, no… I don’t think I’ll do a review on that. It would be a bloody mess by the time I got done with the ins and outs and the intricacies of the debate. Also, I’m a white, privileged male. The last thing anyone cares about is my opinion on this topic.

      And to be clear – you don’t have to have a movie in the recommendations tab to push for a movie here. So sure, I’ll watch your film because I promised, but I’m not going to do a write up about it. Sorry. Got another movie?

  5. Lisa

    I’m so tempted to suggest some God awful movie as I’ve watched some doozies on Hulu this week. I don’t think I’d review the one from the post above me, either. I just put a movie called Bellflower on the review tab. It’s certainly not a great movie and it’s about 2 slackers building a flamethrower and somehow there’s also a love story in there too. The acting is subpar at best. But I got a headache trying to figure out what was real and what was possibly a hallucination in this film. But for a budget of 17k, you get what you get. It’s free on Prime.


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