Top 25 Movie Mindjob Countdown – Frequencies

As I explained – in this much too long post – I have decided to mine the depths of this site’s intellectual movie capital of crazy awesome movies and craft a top 25 movies list. Now, this movies list will be unlike any other movie list you’ve ever seen. Why? Because Quality and Unknowness will be equally weighted. And lucky for you, I built an algorithm to find and surface the crazy mindjobs that no one has heard of so that I can bring them to you in this top twenty five countdown. So yes, here we go with our Top 25 Movie Mindjob Countdown – Frequencies. Our list so far:

Can’t wait to see this list grow as we find more and more movies that are below your radar… And here is the total list of every movie published so far.

Number 13 – Frequencies

First things first. The 2013 movie, Frequencies is a hard movie to find. Tip #1 – it’s not called Frequency, singular. It’s plural. FREQUENCIES. Tip #2 – the Frequencies IMDb page can be found here. Tip #3 – Prime has it here. And Google has it here. Hopefully with all of that information you might be able to find it whenever it might be that you arrive at this post. (Hello future time traveler! How goes the world in your time? Please tell me, have we happened upon a solution for global warming yet?!)

Let’s see, what can I say to you that will convince you to see this totally unknown movie? Um, Frequencies is a movie in a world of magic and unmagic. This is about a world where someone’s frequency, or Luckiness Quotient, is measured and prioritized. So instead of measuring IQ, in the world of Frequencies, the student’s ability is measured by how life will hand them good things. IQ is only a factor of their ability to be lucky. And in this world, we see that High Frequency people cannot mix with Low Frequency people…or else very bad things will start happening. Like planes falling out of the sky…and such. In this world, a Low Frequency guy falls in love with a High Frequency girl. It’s a world not to dissimilar to our own, and yet totally different.

This is a movie about destiny, and changing your fate in spite of the terrible hand that you’ve been dealt. I also see it as a movie about prejudices and biases…more specifically about our preconceived notions about said prejudices. “Low frequency people shouldn’t attend our school…Low frequency people shouldn’t date my daughter…Low frequency people don’t deserve a chance…” which is a not too veiled attempt to dialogue about race and other distinctives. But not to be out done, Frequencies might also be about con-men and potentially gaming said system as well. You are just going to have to watch the movie first before we can really get into all of that. Let’s check out the trailer for the film and you can decide for yourself what you think.

After you trek across the interwebs to find this movie, you definitely need to swing back to here in order to join in on the conversation. What did you think of it?

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