Shane Carruth and The Dead Center October 11th






No. That is not hyperbole. It is literal, God’s honest truth. The Dead Center is coming. It’s getting closer. October 11th. From right this second, that is exactly, 43 days, 2 hours, 25 minutes, and 17 seconds. 14 seconds. 8 seconds. I may just spend the next 43 days counting down. I’ve done dumber things, like standing in line overnight, just to buy the tickets to the movie, The Phantom Menace. 42 minutes and 4 seconds. 1 second. Gah. (If you come to this post now – you don’t have to wait at all – you can find my review here.)

Shane Carruth – a literal demigod of the Geek Indie Universe. Literally you should all know this already, but OK, maybe some of you are idiots, and refuse to realize what the really important things in life are. Like, oh, I don’t know, the movie Primer maybe? Or an even more appropriate head trip called Upstream Color. Or what about this short film, starring Shane Carruth? Are you familiar?

(If you were wondering – yes, that is Amy Seimetz, she also starred with Mr. Carruth in Upstream Color as well.) This is magical. So good. Oh, totally forgot about Everything, Everything, Everything! That’s another fantastic little short lead by Carruth:

Anyway, the thing is, Shane Carruth, you know the Geek Demigod of mindjob movie mastery, always hits movies out of the park. BUT, he’s only done a couple. (My wife literally makes fun of me weekly for not understanding the differences between, a “couple,” a “few,” and “several.” No idea how they are different. They all say “smattering” to me. A random droppage of some…things. Some N number of items.) More precisely, literally 2 of his own movies (not counting A Topiary, which is a brilliant screenplay that has NOT been made into a film, but should. Which you totally need to read it. No, I’m serious. You can read it right here.) and a only just a few (N number) others.

Well, The Dead Center is Carruth’s newest film. Wait. It’s not his film – it’s Billy Senese’s film – but Carruth has the lead role. And have I mentioned it’s coming out in 42 days 14 hours, and 35 seconds, 31, 30, 28… ? (It’s tomorrow now. Takes me a little while to publish this level of drivel.) Well, here is the latest trailer for the film, check it out, this looks fantastic:

Maybe we should get together and do a viewing party or something, this looks that good. Or a virtual viewing party, not too dissimilar to my virtual Rock, Paper, Scissors competition! hahah. Which you can still join.

Regardless, I’m dying to watch this little film. Looks fantastic. And with Carruth Executive Producing, as well as acting in the lead? It’s going to be great. Now, if we can only get Carruth’s Modern Ocean movie created. Gah. When asked about it, at a recent presser for The Dead Center, Mr. Carruth had very little to say on the topic. “Only word is that it’s not gonna happen anytime soon,” he said of The Modern Ocean. He did go on to say that he was doing a lot of writing, but that “I really can’t say much,” he said. “I’m doing a lot of writing; there are multiple projects, but I don’t have anything interesting to say.” Oh! But he does have a lot of interesting, fantastic things to say!! I mean, Upstream Color people! Primer! Regardless, we definitely have a lot of waiting to do, but Carruth is worth waiting for, that is for sure.

Regardless, see you guys on October 11th at the local cinemaplex.

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