Explaining the Confusing Movie Artifact Lake
Explaining the Confusing Movie Artifact Lake - because unless someone comes along and explains that ending I'm going to stay confused.
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To those of you who are regulars, this is a movie recommendation. To those of you that found me by saying to yourself “What the HECK?!?” as the movie ended – I’ve got you covered as well. To the former group – if you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch the trailer and then you can watch the movie here, or here. You are welcome. And for the rest of you – I got your answers. But first, let’s dispatch the interlopers. Alright? Onward, explaining the confusing movie Artifact Lake:

If you can make heads or tails out of that trailer, then you are a better individual than I am. Which is what made me so fascinated with this little indie flick, brought to us by Bruce Wemple. Come on, you know him…Bruce Wemple from Mia and the Vase? OK, so I didn’t either. But that is a super sweet little time/conundrum short film that is totally worth your while. Very sweet. And I see where Artifact Lake gets its ideas. So with that, let’s walk through Artifact Lake, and make sure everyone is on the same page…and then we’ll decrypt it at the end.

Quick Artifact Lake Walkthrough

The movie opens with Vernon, running through the woods…as he’s being chased, by himself. One Vernon kills the other…and that is nothing if not a great opener. (THiNC. trivia – my first name is actually Vernon. VTHiNC. is actually the most accurate name for this site it would appear! But no one has called me Vernon since high school. Feel free to call me Vernon. I’ll just boot you off the site and delete your comments as fast as you can make them! hahaha. Just kidding…it’s all good. Call me Vernon all you like. Now, where was I?) Oh yes, the opener. Vernon kills Vernon. Got it. (Is this a metaphor for my life?)

Cut to interviews with members of the Hand of God church. Apparently they used to be called, Hand of One. But that was a cult. And now they are a legit church…and aren’t associated with the cult. We also see someone else who has spent his life investigating cults like The Hand of One. But this thread of interviews is just a way for the movie to convey facts to you about the surrounding the lake without being too expository. Basically, we learn that Vernon encountered a woman (Meredith Parlor?) at Scroon Lake (?) who told him he could have eternal life in exchange for a sacrifice. Well, he had a contest, twenty men in the woods, a competition of survival. And in October of 1953, it was a blood bath.

DAY 1 –

Cut to the four friends (Tommy – played by Thomas Brazzle, Grace – played by Catharine Daddario, Megan – played by Anna Shields, & Kip – played by Chris Cimperman) heading up to the lake for the weekend. Their car stops working, and they pick up a hitchhiker who also joins them for the ride, Thomas (Dylan Grunn). The group, upon arriving at the lake, immediately start experiencing stranger and stranger things. For example, photos of them, that couldn’t have happened, begin appearing. (Which, immediately reminded me of the movie Time Lapse. But that isn’t what is happening.) And there might be observers in the back of the photos.

Kip heads out to find food – but doesn’t return. So Tommy and Thomas go looking. And midway through an old man appears shouting Megan’s name over and over again. And Thomas saves the day by knocking him out.

DAY 2 –

The old man yells out to Megan again, having awakened from his concussion. The old man is obviously Kip. But what happened to him? But Megan tells everyone that he had died when she found him this morning. Which means, he said something critical… Meanwhile Thomas and Tommy just keep walking in circles throughout the woods, never leaving, and never returning back to the cabin. And later that night, Kip returns back home, and when he does, Megan goes after him with a knife, so they lock her in her room. That night, Thomas gets up to get a drink, but falls and dies? Something is going on here and I can’t make heads or tails of the different strands.

Interlude –

We learn from an expert aside that Young believed that from every decision or choice, a new reality was created. And there, that house by the lake, was at an intersecting point between them all. And strangely, familiar but foreign objects would continue appearing over the course of three days. And occasionally, he would witness his younger self entering the property as he left.

Day 3 –

Kip and Thomas find Thomas dead after his early morning excursion for water. When they check on Megan, they notice that her window was open, so they nail it shut. And Thomas’ body gets unceremoniously dumped in the garage. The next photo they find is of Tommy dead, as well as Megan. Are the photos showing their future? Or an alternate reality? Or both? But they are all starting to realize that only one person can emerge from this prison alive. Well, Megan remains with a gun, while Tommy and Grace leave in the car. But Kip kills Megan – which is when Kip says to Grace that he was glad that Megan never found out about them. Which means, that prior to the weekend, they had had an affair. But phew, she was killed before she found out! hahahah. Then, when Kip was about to kill Grace, Tommy saved the day by bashing Kip’s head in with a bat.

Historical Jump –

So it would seem that Young believed that the house had Satanic influences. And because only one person could survive in a given time thread, he always chose to go in solo. But during his visits, he believed that it would also bring out his deepest, darkest, and ‘truest’ self.

Thomas, stumbles into Vernon and another guy in the backseat. (That guy in the backseat? What is his deal? Is there a significance here that I am missing?) But Vernon was extremely clear to Thomas, though he thinks he wants to go into those woods, Vernon is not going in there. He’s a hundred years old, and “she” told me that she should could make me live forever.

End of Day 3 –

Tommy and Grace are talking about bailing on Megan if she doesn’t come back soon. But she is sprinkled in blood? And a moment later, she shoots Tommy in the back. And simultaneously Vernon tells Thomas to get in the car and to leave… he has to “save” the ones he can.

Day 1 – reset

Alright, so this movie gets confusing really fast… we meet the original four, but they aren’t the original four. They are loop timeline two (or more, we’ll get to that later.) But we need a way to refer to them. So, I say we should call them by their names, but “names2.” And the originals, I say we call them by their “names1.” Fair enough? (This is 100% wrong, but it’s the simplest way to do it for now.)

So, here, in the car, we have Tommy2, Grace2, Megan2, & Kip2. And they are exactly emulating their prime counterpart’s original arrival in the woods. When, Tommy1 comes flying out of nowhere, hitting the hood of the car, completely freaking out. He appears to be running from Grace1. Well, Grace1 makes things simple really fast, because she shoots Tommy2, Grace2, Megan2, & Kip2 dead. At least I believe that is what happens. And Tommy1 keeps limping/running from Grace1. And when Grace1 is about to kill Tommy1, Thomas1?/2? arrives and intervenes. Oh, and MeganX arrives (didn’t Megan1 die? Is this Megan2? Or could she1 have survived? WHAT IS HAPPENING?) as well, and she stabs Grace1. (Literally, my notes at this point literally say, “How? Mumble Mumble LAUGH???”

Interlude – Finale

We learn that one of the members of this crew, one of the survivors, is the one interviewing the members of the Hand of God church. They are the one that is also chatting the historian as well. It is one of the members of our crew, but we don’t know which one. And by their response, we learn that they want to expose the members of the Hand of God church. “Of course you do.”

Cutting back to the woods – we see Tommy?, and Thomas?… standing at the edge of the woods. And they are talking like they know each other, but we quickly realize that they don’t. It is really unclear which Tommy, and Thomas we are looking at here. Until, that is, Thomas, out of the blue, says… “Have we met before?” And at that moment, we know we are talking to at least Tommy2 (or later?) and probably that is Thomas1. And with that, we fade to black. WAIT… WHAT??!

What The Heck Just Happened??

There’s a lot going on in this little film. And literally, no one is talking about it. Not sure why. Not sure how. But it’s up to you, and me, to figure this thing out. It’s our CIVIC DUTY to sort it, so that when future individuals watch this film and go, WHAT? They can turn to us and read the comments and go… AHHHH. OK. Got it. Now, the first step in this psychological restoration would be our attempt at understanding the system with which Artifact Lake operates under.

Rule #1 – Regardless of how many enter Artifact Lake, only one can leave. To that end, if only one entered, one could leave. If more than one entered, everyone but the survivor will die.

Rule #2 – It would seem that the gestational period is three days. You know, belly of the whale number of days. Number of days in the tomb, number of days. And after that, if you were the designated survivor, you could leave.

Rule #3 – Apparently, any decisions, or course corrections, might also create alternate realities? Which basically means, rules one and two are more suggestions than anything else, and throws literally everything else out the window. Not sure exactly what to do with this one.

But these “rules” create more questions than they answer. For example… what happens when 2 people walk in, and they refuse to kill each other? When they don’t get down to one survivor? Do they just cycle back to Day 1 all over again? I think? Yeah, that seems to be correct. And what’s the deal with Vernon entering, and watching as his older self departs? Does an exit have to accompany an entrance? Or, is it naturally creating a new alternate reality where WorldX abuts (Holy cow, is abuts even a word? Hahaha! That just doesn’t look like a word to me right now. HAHAHAH ABUTS! Sorry, this movie is causing me to mentally melt down apparently) WorldY and it abuts WorldZ and so on? And where the two realities meet momentarily, we see these discrepancies with humans and time ripping?

The Ending of Lake Artifact Explained

The only way to explain the ending of Lake Artifact is to memorize rule #3 and hold on to it for dear life. And it is this rule – alternate realities and such – that reminds me of a movie that is near and dear to my heart… Coherence. And in that movie, it’s a similar setup, wherein there is a house, that, if anyone leaves the house, and then attempt to come back, they won’t ever come back. Sure, they come back to A house. But not THAT house. Here, here is a sketch I did for that movie, and how the red person leaves the left circle, and heads back to the left circle. Instead of going back, they cross a barrier, and instead go to the right circle. Which, appears to be left circle, but, in fact, is not. Here, study this drawing. It has religious and spiritual meanings to it. Trust me. Study it. Because this is the easy diagram.

OK? Does that make sense? For this movie, this issue would work like this: I am at Cabin A. I leave Cabin A, and I go looking for a way out. But I run around in circles for a day, and eventually make my way back. But not back to Cabin A, but rather to Cabin B. And while things might be similar…they aren’t exactly the same. In Cabin B, we might have taken a photo together by the lake. We might have lost a member to Cabin C. I don’t know. But it isn’t Cabin A. I am not in Kansas anymore Dorothea. Now, see if you can grok this at a much deeper layer. If we envision this happening at scale now. I don’t leave once, I don’t leave twice, but I leave 5 times, and each time, I flux into and out of new timelines, new realities. And as I leave the Cabin in search of my TRUE Cabin home, I continue bouncing from reality to reality. All where there are 5 people (plus or minus) vying for their lives, in order to survive and be the last ones out the door.

It’s the only way to really understand the photographs, and the weird inconsistencies that we experience throughout the film. In Coherence, there was a method by which the people in the houses attempted to keep track of what world they were in. They used color glow sticks, ping pong paddles, stuffed monkeys and the like, to uniquely distinguish one world from the other. This movie didn’t give us these sorts of shibboleths, or totems that we could hold on to, in order to keep the players straight.

Even with this level of ambiguity – we know that one loop collided with another loop. And, maybe even a third loop. And during this collision, there were three survivors from loop 1 that collided with the four new versions of our intrepid heroes that were in the car (Was there a second version of Thomas? Or did he stay outside of the forest on the advice of the immortal Vernon?) The four new visitors in the car were probably killed all but instantly. (Hopefully…because that makes this a whole lot easier to understand.) And, we see at the very end of the movie, Tommy1, and Thomas2+? talk – and we think that Thomas knows what’s going on… but he doesn’t. He’s new to the loop. He walked in late, saw the slaughter, gave Tommy1 his condolences, and then asks, “Do I know you?” And with that, we know that Thomas2 left Vernon outside of the forest, and headed in only to discover the mayhem.

No? Heck, if you think you got a better theory about what happened at the end, you have to share it with all of us dangit!

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20 Responses

  1. Chris T

    Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for being my go to cipher-unraveller-extraordinaire. Time for viewing #2.

    • Will

      So, I think it was a great movie. Here is my take on the end….Tommy is the one doing the interview and the old man with the glasses is Thomas. The woman in the interviews at the beginning is Megan. If it’s all timeline jumps and alternate realities, then it would make sense. Kip and Grace had 2 kids together, but that was only because Megan was killed somehow. If only one can be “forever” it would be plausible to think that if they went “against the grain” then reality would have changed (Doc Brown trying to tell Marty not to interfere with things that may change the future)

  2. deKev

    As I was watching the movie, I just couldn’t shake off the feeling that the writer was making things up as he went along. Not to mention a suspicion too that the story was written into corners that couldn’t possibly have any sort of traditionally satisfying resolution by movie’s end.

    I think the writer was too ambitious, trying to introduce and amalgamate complex concepts from Coherence (parallel universes), Blood Punch (infinite loop until just one survivor is left standing) and possibly many others too, without much success. While the plot started fascinatingly and coherent enough, things started falling apart for me when the old man (who I believe is a very old Kip) shows up, because this could only mean a time travel element is at play too, as if parallel universes in conjunction with time loops are not complicated enough!!?? And I started losing interest when our protagonists just go, like, ‘yeah, whatever’, upon learning that the old man has died. I just couldn’t relate to characters who couldn’t bring themselves to care for a fellow human being. Then things just went from bad to farcical when hitherto decent and somewhat likable characters just go Battle Royale on one another with very little hesitation.

    Very, very disappointed.

    Oh, almost forgot to mention that I watched this movie before Taylor put up this THiNC piece, so I take full responsibility for my own stupidity. This is all on me.

    • Taylor Holmes

      I totally agree, and I don’t. This movie could have actually worked. There was a lot of opportunity for this idea to work. Heck, it’s been done before. The entire thing. The cabin, the loop, the repetition, the entering the exiting. All of it, has been done before. So all of the riddles, and all of the questions, and all of the details of this movie has been done and solved before. Like I mentioned in the post, the solution to this movie is actually the movie coherence. Totems, tracking methods, there are ways to solve the problems of this movie. But it’s almost like the riders didn’t even try, they just wanted to throw questions at the audience that they didn’t provide solutions for.

      They had two things going for it that they rested on. One was the question of who was talking and interviewing people? Which person survived? Which I actually think is unknowable. You may say that it could be Tommy or Thomas, but that’s not true it actually could be anyone. If Tommy and Thomas stay alive for the next three days Then we get a whole new set of characters. And the fact that they muffled the boys and hit it from us means we can’t ever know. The other thing that it has going for it Is the perpetual question of who is who, and the instability that that causes. But with that instability comes great responsibility to guide the view were along and provide hints evidence and ideas to guide the viewers thought. Which this movie didn’t do it all. Have I mentioned yet that coherence did?I get it that a bunch of friends went to the woods borrowed a buddies cabin and made a movie I actually dig that. But in order to do that, and I have the Cajones to pull something like this off, you got to have your crap together. Right?

      DeKev, I think that is where you go sideways with the film. There was no coherence to it, pardon the pun. We got a few disjointed rules, the movie makers followed them occasionally, and we were left with not a lot of clarity. I literally could fix this movie in about two days of screenplay editing. I like the editorial side thread of the interviews. It was a non-preachy way of informing the audience as to what is actually going on. But the sequences with the cabin, and the sequences with Vernon, literally made Littles in the way of sense. (Sorry, I’m driving, if Siri isn’t making me make sense, I’m blaming it all on her!! Hahaha.)

      But if you take the movie type of a battle royale type movie, and you inject it with the idea of there needs to be one winner within three days or you have a lot more people to kill, that is a pretty good idea top it off with the idea that each character each time they come in needs to learn this information and you’ve got a lot of potential. You figure out a way to track who is who or tip people off or teach the characters how to mark each other? I mean baby one crazy character just went around spray painting people different colors and running away? OK so that’s stupid. Or do you have one person cataloguing the differences of people and who is who. Which actually happened in coherent as well. But you have to do something to provide order, and it heck maybe it doesn’t even make sense to the casual viewer that’s fine. But it still has the Flippin hold together. It’s kind of like Shane Caruth’s movie Primer. 99.9% of the viewing audience has zero idea what is going on. They don’t want to try. I don’t care. But that doesn’t matter. The movie holds together and it makes sense, if you think about it. Which is important to the integrity of the film.

      But yeah, it feels like this film just hides behind rule number three and runs when things get muddy.

  3. deKev

    Taylor, I was gonna say your ideas for plot tweaking, especially regarding the Battle Royale bit, might have worked if Artifact was about parallel universes only, because it also has that time loop complication that needs taken care of too. But now that I have given the movie a bit more thought, I don’t think it’s about a time loop in the tradition of Groundhog Day at all. I was misled by the sequence shown on screen, i.e. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3… then Day 1 again. Now I’m pretty sure the first Day 1 refers to events that revolve around Gang 1, while the second Day 1 actually refers to events that revolve around Gang 2. It’s not a reboot of Gang 1 at all, but more a Coherence-style merging of different universes belonging to Gang 1 and Gang 2 respectively. It just so happens that Day 1 of Gang 2 falls on the tail end of Gang 1’s timeline. Makes sense? So, does this make the movie better for me? Maybe only slightly better, because there is still that time travel complication, i.e. old man Kip.

    I’ll just go out and say that old man Kip is nothing but a necessary evil introduced to the plot to educate our protagonists on the last-man-standing problem that they need to solve in order to break free of the cabin’s hold. A most inelegant bit of plot contrivance I’ll say, because while it solves one problem, it also brings in way more problems now that time travel is introduced into the whole shebang. Like e.g. why would old Kip want to get himself involved in the Battle Royale situation again, assuming he was the lone survivor who had made it in a much earlier round, like some 50 years ago? And why would anyone from Gang 1 even believe him?

    The movie, Coherence, works because 2 iterations of the same person simply cannot exist in the same universe, so one must ‘go’, simple as. It would have made more sense if Artifact apes Coherence or the movie, +1, by making the Battle Royale a fight to the death between different Gangs, and not among friends of the same Gang.

    And you’re right about Vernon, he’s like a character playing in his own universe with his own set of rules that no amount of plot tweaking would get him back in sync with the rest of the film, haha.

  4. Lisa

    Will someone please explain to me why there is an old version of Kip in this film? I feel like everything else can be explained here except that. Vern? Help! I didn’t hate this film. I found it entertaining enough for the low budget indie it was but I think the writer tried too hard to get complex concepts into a fairly short film. Maybe with another half hour or 45 minutes this could have been fleshed our better.

    • Taylor Holmes

      Wait, what? Kip is your problem? I’m now more confused then at any time watching the film! hahahha.

      @DeKev – Ok, so maybe my solution to this movie is a different movie. Fair enough. So, you think that the days are centric to the people arriving. I actually buy that. Because Day 6 could be Kip2’s second loop. Or whatever. Huh. Yeah, maybe? But, then, why is Vernon immortal? I assumed it was because of the loop.

      I don’t know. Seriously, if this were my movie. And this cut was brought to me, I would have emphasized the alternate realities bit. And not only that, but I’d make it clear that while only one survivor can make it out, winners can arbitrarily slide between realities, here one moment, gone the next. And not only do the visitors need to survive, but they also need to kill the king of the hill as well. Or something.

      Maybe I’ll give that more thought. Hrmmm. There is a good movie in there somewhere!

  5. Lisa

    Yeah, because it’s the only thing that makes the least sense in this movie. Everything else is kind of explained. The 3 day time loops, Vern’s immortality by making some kind of deal with the devil. But no one else changes ages in the film except Kip. The 4 we see in the beginning of the film could be any iteration by the film’s end which is why they would run into each other but the only really strange variable is the old Kip yelling out for Meghan. I still think this movie could have benefitted from another 30 or 45 minutes to flesh out some of this stuff like which iteration of the 4 we are seeing at the end and the exact nature of Vern’s deal deal for immortality but I’m guessing budget constraints left us with this. This poor movie only has a 2 star rating and I certainly think it was better than that if only for the complicated concepts involved. I liked the idea of the survivor doing a documentary. But who is the survivor? We see Tommy and Thomas at the end and I have no idea which iteration either one is.

  6. Lisa

    Plus after reading this, I’m more excited about watching Coherence again. I think I watched that film before I found this site and found it baffling. But I still think that the older Kip is the only part of this film that truly doesn’t mesh with the rest. Because these folks would have to be repeating days for 50 years (with Kip being the lone survivor at one point) and there’s no rule that says they don’t age. Frankly if I was going in a loop for 50 years I’d probably off myself. That part wasn’t really fleshed out, either. What is time doing outside this loop for everyone else? Can you be caught in this loop and age or do you not age like Vern? Plus, why are there not more accounts of this happening? Surely others have ventured into the woods between Vern and this group? Plus the weird grinning guy in Vern’s truck? And how does Vern have a new truck? So many more questions than answers.


    Surely what we want to know is who survived?

    It seems it was Thomas, we see Vernon call him “Thomas” and yet and he knows Thomas, but he could also be calling Tommy “Thomas”.
    It seems from the “your friends” comment that it would be Tommy who is alive since those were his friends killed, and this Thomas didn’t meet any of them, the dead Thomas did, but he’s dead.

    So really a case can be made for either one, and maybe that is why the share the same name!
    Also Tommy had an advantage, he knew what was going on more than Thomas did, so it seems more likely that Tommy would have an edge, albeit Thomas was clearly the braver of the two.

    So, who do you think survived?

  8. Sahil

    Hi, I saw this movie some days back wit subs :)
    The interviewer is Tommy! The subs say his name.
    Someone rightly said, the movie cud hv been really amazing, but the writer just kept filling in loopholes without giving any conclusions.
    – how did old guy come in
    – who killed the trekker in the house
    – how did t trekker come back in jungle to save Tommy
    – my personal fav- who t fuc was tht girl talking to in night and then saying her boyfriend was really here! Ghosts were not a plot of this movie.
    – lastly who t fuc was t guy in the back seat!!!

  9. Lisa

    Well, I guess it would make sense that Tommy did the documentary since the friends are mentioned but I’m still utterly confused about the other stuff I mentioned. Perhaps seek an interview with the writer?

  10. Mara Klein

    Thanks for making some sense to a very complicated movie. I thought the acting was really good and the whole atmosphere was very interesting. I love thrillers and horror but I don’t like having to search the internet to figure out what it all about. I think it should be clear to the viewer without having to Nancy Drew the thing. Anyway, thanks for your analysis.

  11. Patty

    Jonathan: yes thi this!!

    “It seems it was Thomas, we see Vernon call him “Thomas” and yet and he knows Thomas, but he could also be calling Tommy “Thomas”.
    It seems from the “your friends” comment that it would be Tommy who is alive since those were his friends killed, and this Thomas didn’t meet any of them, the dead Thomas did, but he’s dead.”

  12. Dez

    My ending theory: if only one can walk out, at the end, we know that the Thomas who saved TommyX from GraceX was already in a loop, since TommyX, GraceX, and MeganX were also there. But yet both TommyX AND ThomasX walked out. I think when this Thomas asked that Tommy if they knew each other, they were simply trying to verify if they were the original Thomas or Tommy they began this joy ride with. They were not. Knowing they both got out, together they were interviewing the councilman, cult member, and historian, trying to figure out how they beat the system in order to get the rest of their friends out. Which ultimately led them to the end credits scene of Thomas finding Vernon, at the historian’s suggestion that ‘there may be one who could help’ in his end credits scene.

  13. Lilith

    Kip was old because, as he explained, he was a survivor who got out and lived his life but couldn’t stop thinking about his Megan and what had happened so he came back into the forest to save her and to tell her how to save someone else. Old Kip’s story gives the audience the needed explanation and nobody else needed to be aged. At the end, apparently both Thomas’ survived and it was a Thomas who was talking – according to my closed captioning (LOL!) – Thomas the drifter because he went in alone and Tommy because he was the last man standing from the group of four. This is how I saw it. As for the idiot coked-out guy in the backseat, I have no explanation.

  14. Lili

    Kip was a survivor. He went on to live his life. Got married and had a family. Throughout the years, he could not stop thinking of Megan. Old man Kip came back to warn her and tell her how to survive, so that way she could come back and help someone else survive (the cycle would continue). Tommy1 was the survivor from the first timeline we see. Thomas2 was the survivor from the next timeline. Whether it was because he walked in alone or because Grace1 had already killed everyone from group2 while chasing Tommy1 (still not sure about that one). I believe the interviewer is Tommy1 since he mentions his friends. Thomas2 didn’t get to meet them. I believe that Tommy1 must have filled Thomas2 in on everything, so he must have tagged along to help Tommy1 get the rest of the gang back. At the ending credit scene, I believe that Vernon is talking both to Tommy1 and Thomas2. He had already met Thomas (the hitchhike), therefore asks him how he found him. His second question goes to Tommy1, whom he does not know. That’s what I gathered from it.

  15. Ashley M

    Ok so my take away on this movie is what a mind twist. I am certain the one doing the interview is Tommy and Thomas. Number one you can clearly hear Tommy speak but then in the credits when they find Vernon he says he asks how Thomas found him and what the [email protected]$& Tommy wanted to know. If you pay very close attention to the beginning it helps piece it together. In the car at the beginning Kip is mocking everybody for saying that the Snapchats are like photography. That makes me believe the photos that have been printing are from Kip when he survived and made it to an older man. Also further proof he is the only one that saw Tommy try to use the antenna and get the printer WiFi so it would have to be him. I believe Thomas was saved because he never fully entered the forest the second time around because Tommy was coming out and fighting with Megan and grace by that point. Kip states that he was told by the old man(himself) that only one could survive. If they are already in the time loop then that is why Kip probably survived. He probably killed his older self the other time loops before Old Kip could talk to Megan and figure out what was going on. What I want to know is how many timelines. Also I am really curious about the guy with Vernon. He has to know about Vernon. So he is either one of the survivors or one the cult people that followed Vernon.

    • Ashley M

      Or if we go with the theory that Thomas survived because Grace 1 had killed all of group 2 getting out of the car then maybe the way to save them all is one from each timeline. Old Kip wasn’t worried about getting stuck in the timeline again. So Tommy already have been the one to escape shouldn’t either. So what he needs to is plant letters for the remaining members of the group when they first arrive explaining to only one person what is going on. And what they need to do to survive. With all the old artifacts showing up it should be more plausible to believe.

  16. Robert

    I really really hate the audio of this movie…. Reverb/ echo outdoors that doesn’t match and my misophonia goes nuts with the crappy picking up of mouth clicks.
    It’s going to take me a while to finish it…


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