Hire a Product Manager or Development Manager?

This post is way far afield from where I normally go. But I figure heck, why not? You guys are pretty much the greatest people on the planet, maybe one of you might know someone who knows someone.

But first, a personal update which will explain some of the highjinks (or non-highjinks, as it were) going on around here. As some of you are aware, I’ve been working for an NGO, Compassion International, for the last fifteen years. I KNOW? How do I keep my girlish figure? Fifteen? And I’ve had a lot of fun there. I brought a lot of new tech their direction and learned alot along the way. Primarily I was a web, database, and application development manager. I managed and implemented a massive Tridion Web Content Management solution effort. I was the chief technical architect for a $200 million Salesforce and Netsuite installation. I created a mobile development team and my team and I built a number of native Android and iOS applications for our sponsors. And about 4 or 5 years ago I moved to Marketing, and became a senior Product Manager and managed all the roadmaps for Compassion’s mobile applications and web presences. And because I got bored doing that, I also hired my own developers and built texting solutions that could handle Dallas Cowboy Stadium, and 250k raceway sized traffic in a five minute span. (Answer? Twilio, an Azure backend application sporting microservices to horizontally scale. (Yeah, I could bore you to tears about how that solution works, but I’ll stop.) If you’d like to take a gander at just a couple of the things I’ve done over the past fifteen years, you can investigate more about each of my products in my portfolio right here.

And in between doing that stuff, for giggles, I’d run over here and write about movies. It was a good run for the past fifteen years. (I think I started this blog about the time I started at Compassion. Or pretty close anyway.)

So, news item number one, in a marketing reorganization at Compassion, my position was eliminated. And so I’ve begun looking for a new adventure. And, being out of the market for a decade and a half really opened my eyes to just how much the world has changed! Holy cow. Instead of printing out resumes and mailing them, you click a couple times on LinkedIn and now you compete with 350 other candidates who also clicked two times to apply! Hahaha. It’s a wild world out there. But I’m figuring it out. But I sort of feel like a bear that has awakened late from a winter’s long hibernation.

What does this have to do with you? Oh, I’m glad you asked. Well, the first thing is that things are weird around here now. Yes, I don’t have to work anymore (today is my 4th day being unemployed.) and so technically I should have all the time in the world to watch movies and write. But that’s not how I roll, I’m spending all day, and night, and even some of my dream time, hunting for my next adventure. So, until I do find that next challenge, things will be slower around here. But last I checked this site was free to you, you’ll be okay. Need some movies to keep you going during the drought? Try my top 25 mindjob countdown list. Not enough movies? What about this list of my “approved movies”?

Well, 99.9% of you are just voyeuristically wondering what I’m on about. (Is this a new movie title? Hire a Development Manager? That’s a weird title.) But for a minute I’d like to chat with that .1% of you that might know of a Web Development Management or Product Management role out there that might fit my quirky personality. Maybe a startup? Or an internet company that is doing something fun? A company that doesn’t look down on someone coming from a billion dollar per annum NGO that helps kids escape from poverty. (You’d be surprised.)

If you’d like to know more about my career (for the .1% of you that is – the voyeurs? you can head on over to this movie review, which happens to be my favorite in the past few months instead) you can read about it on linkedin. I’m in the Denver/Colorado Springs area, with no real intention of leaving, but I’m very open to remote work. And if you think you might know someone looking for someone like me, why don’t you have them give me a yell at: t a y l o r @ t a y l o r h o l m e s . c o m? (oh come on, remove the spaces… yeesh.)

Also – and I can’t believe I’m doing this – if you play a part in my finding a job, you will receive, a lifetime patreon membership to THiNC. WhaT? Crazy I know. That and a Slurpee from 7/11… which I’ll hand deliver to you. (Talk about a weird exchange. “Here you go. 1 Blueberry Slurpee.” “I wanted cherry.” “I’ll be right back.”) But as this will be read by mostly people interested in movies… I’ll also give you free movie tips for life. Friday night comes around… hrm. “What are we going to watch tonight honey?” “Call that Taylor guy you helped get a job that one time.” “Oh sure.” — RING — “Taylor?” “Yup.” “Movie?” “Definitely The Tangle for sure. Have a good night.” “Wow. You too.” Wouldn’t that be amazing? I know right?

Alright – as I think I think I’ve beaten this silly update post into oblivion, I’ll let you guys go. But thanks so much for constantly swinging by and being so supportive of the site. Until next time.