Ending of Spoonful of Sugar Unpacked and Explained

Ending of Spoonful of Sugar Unpacked and Explained
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Ending of Spoonful of Sugar Unpacked and Explained. Throwing Lisa under the bus here. Last week, we had close to 100k people swing by the site. Of those people, 10% were returning users. AKA, 90% of the people that collided with this site this week have no idea who I am, what this site is about, and couldn’t care less. I know I wouldn’t if I had just typed, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT PRESTIGE ENDING ABOUT” into Google. I’d just want to know the answer, so long. But 10% of you have bumped into the site before. (And I love hearing from folks who hit me up and say… dude, I keep watching these crazy movies and you keep coming up in my search results afterwards.) ALL THAT TO SAY, MOSSSST of you all, do not know who I am… let alone who Lisa is. Basically she is the THiNC. Discord Mama Bear that watches so much content, we run most everything by her first. For example, earlier this week, she recommended we all watch The Strays, which is why I wrote about it. What a great catch Lisa! Kudos. But this one? Spoonful of Sugar? Was also Lisa! hahaha. So, feel free to curse her name in the comments if you watch it because of this write-up. She’d love to engage with you and your swear words. Promise.

Now, I know Lisa well enough to know EXACTLY why she brought this movie to my attention. 100% certain I know. It’s the triple gainer of an ending… that’s why it’s here. But, in order to get to the ending, you are going to have to wade the forest of our discontent first… promise. Hey, if you are all about triple gainer movies?? Then you’ll withstand countless deserts of our discontents to get there. So, you don’t mind. But the rest of you? Just pass on this one. K? (But you are still a chicken… just saying.) I don’t know – Heavenofhorror loved it? So, what do I know?

Spoonful of Sugar Movie Walkthrough

I’m not deep diving on this one. Refusing. But the broad strokes are simple to ascertain. Millicent (played by Morgan Saylor who you should know from Blow the Man Down, which, I think I loved?? (Honestly, he couldn’t be bothered to click his own link and see??) No, he couldn’t, deal with it.) is a high school student…. and this is key, who is taking a break from her studies in order to sign on to assist Johnny. Johnny is sick, and subject to all manner of severe allergic attacks. Or not. See? Truth be told, he’s probably not sick at all. But I’ll get to that in the ending explanation bits. And Johnny’s parents? Rebecca (Kat Foster), Johnny’s mother has a book tour to babysit. And Jacob (Myko Olivier), the father… is some sort of carpenter/model, click bait dad.

Did I mention that Millicent (so close to Maleficent, and yet not?) has been tossed from foster home to foster home, and is obviously being abused in a serial, yet, sort of co-dependent sort of way? And she’s micro-dosing. And she is killing men who might just be deserving of their deaths? So, Millicent enters this obvious train-wreck of a family, and the story is written on the wall… Millicent is going to be taken advantage of (or more to the point, is going to tease out the abuse of… in a sort of Hard Candy fashion), and then she is probably going to not only kill Jacob, but also Rebecca too… right? Because duh.

But as Millicent begins getting to know Johnny, and learning more about him, she begins to realize that this kid is not living the bubbled life that his parents think he is. Better yet, he’s killing rabbits, and burying them out back? And soon, we learn that Rebecca and Jacob, their relationship is going terribly – and Millicent is crazy about Jacob. About that same time, Millicent kills her counselor and her foster father. So, we know that the next step? Jacob and Rebecca.

Ending of Spoonful of Sugar Unpacked and Explained

It’s pretty clear that as this movie is spiraling into the ground, Millicent is going to not only kill these parents, but she’s also going to dismember them and bury them out back or something. But that’s not how this movie ends. Instead, while Millicent did ask Johnny to stab his mother – and he does, in the hand… instead, it’s Johnny who is asked to murder Millicent in the end. And, as we see in the end, we realize that all of the temporary babysitters that Johnny has ever had? They are all buried in the ground in the backyard of their house.

Wait, WHAT? Remember… Rebecca Michael’s book? The Acceptance of Pain that she is working on? It’s a commentary on her relationship with her husband, who is apparently having affairs with all of these babysitters? Probably? This ending is just the awful flipped coin of what Millicent was doing. Millicent was killing men that preyed on her. Rebecca? She’s killing women succumbing to her husband? I think? I mean… you got that from this film too, didn’t you?

The bit I’m still struggling with is Johnny’s necessary involvement in all of this. He’s clickbait too … no? He’s the sick (but not) boy who is desperate to be saved. He baits the babysitters into their confidence, only talks to them, and no one else. And the husband draws them in too. It’s like this family is a Venus Fly Trap… no? I don’t know. I thought it was awful. Regardless, there is your ending of Spoonful of Sugar Unpacked and Explained.

If you want a REAL movie with a really important message, but an even harder core message – go find yourself a copy of Hard Candy and get 9-point restraint seat belts for your couch before you start. You are welcome.

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