The 20 Best Time Travel Movies Ever

I have been thinking about this list, and searching for these movies for close to 2 or 3 years. I've interviewed directors, dug deeply into movies I'd never heard of... I worked hard to pull this list together.

To Scale: The Solar System and Wylie Overstreet Interview

This video will make you ponder your place in the universe. It did that for me anyway. And I was also lucky enough to get to chat with Wylie Overstreet about it as well. If you ever wanted to see an Atheist and a Christian tear each other apart, this wouldn't be that opportunity.

Victoria Real One Shot Wonder Coming Our Way

Apparently Im a bit of a prig when it comes to movies. Sure I like Transformers. But experimental movies work for me just as well. Films like Birdman, I absolutely adored. But that was that rare exception of ex...

Everest Movie Review and the Meaning of Life

The Movie Everest has really stopped me in my tracks because of the general ennui that drives us to the reality of our lives that have created the experiences of this movie.

Mix Glen Keane and Virtual Reality Please

Mix Glen Keane and Virtual Reality PleaseGlen Kean is world renowned... you just don't know his name. Glen Kean is the genius behind many of Disney's greatest and most beloved movie including; The Little Me...

The End of the Tour Movie Review

The End of the Tour Movie Review - wherein I gush & gush about this movie that I assumed I'd hate because I am a huge David Foster Wallace fan, but alas.

Z for Zachariah Explained and Reviewed

I adored this movie. And yet, I doubt many will like it. Three people movies are never really well received. They are too play-like for the American public.

Will Smith and Concussion and When Movies Educate Too Much

Anyway, I'm just thinking aloud. Mainly interested about how movies persuade discussions, whole swaths of discussions, around a controversial, or undetermined point of topic. I really think that we are swayed by whole swaths of media technologies.

The Thoreauvian Connection in Upstream Color

The Thoreauvian Connection in Upstream ColorShane Carruth are two of my favorite words in the english language. They can be used in so many new and innovative ways. You can verb them, "Oh no way, you so Sha...

Could Who Am I Be The Greatest Hacking Movie Ever

Who Am I is setup as an interview between Benjamin, who is apparently a hacker that has been caught by Europol investigator Hanne Lindberg. Or maybe Benjamin is running for his life from a Russian hacking group that has sussed out his identity and murdered the rest of his hacking crew? Or maybe Benjamin has other plans that we don't quite understand yet?

Everbright is a Lite Bright For Uber Geeks

Everbright is a Lite Bright For Uber GeeksI dig etch-a-sketches. And Lite Brights for that matter. I even had an Etch A Sketch Animator 2000. I was so big into animation, and stop-motion, that I spent s...

I Have Become Death Destroyer of Worlds

I have become death, destroyer of worlds. The following video is a compendium of every single nuclear detonation man has ever discharged. I recommend watching this in high definition, with earbuds firmly in pl...

Wild Tales Argentinian Movie Recommendation

The movie is setup in six distinctly different acts. But they are all tied together in their maliciousness. In that way, they are more like episodes from Dark Mirror, or maybe the Twilight Zone. But the only mind capable of pulling this off other than Damián Szifron's would be Quinten Tarantino.