Handicapping the 2016 Oscars

Handicapping the 2016 Oscars (With Way More Data Than You Could Possibly Ever Want)Some people love fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketweaving... I love fantasy oscars. (Is there such a thing...

Let Me Explain Exactly How the Movie Concussion Failed

Let Me Explain Exactly How the Movie Concussion Failed - it could have been great. It could have been amazing. But instead, Sony chose to blink in the face of the NFL's stern gaze. And as a result it's a failed attempt. Which is sad.

Star Wars Week Madness Is Here

Oh yeah, this is the week of the latest Star Wars movie premiere. It just doesn't get any better than this week my friends. Fun meter baseline limits are set right here... and yes, this makes me a geek extraordinaire.

Containment Movie Explained and Reviewed

Containment is a low budget wonder. The answers to this movie's questions are held very tightly to the vest. And the conflict and chaos quickly ramp up on these poor locked up group. I definitely enjoyed the ride here. IMDB

Upcoming New Movie Midnight Special Trailer

Upcoming New Movie Midnight Special TrailerI have really come to enjoy movies that really make the audience think. That don't cost $200 million. And come with a bit of an edge to them. I'd say that the ...