Ruinable Movies in 5 Words Or Less

So I figured, heck - if you are going to do it... DO IT. Don't pick lame movies with even more lame spoilers. So I thought I'd throw down and really show them how to really ruin a movie in five words or less.

Interview With Burnt Grass Short Creator Ray Wong

Yes. I think Sally, at that exact moment was just happy that she was the one that survived. It’s relief really. I’m sure once she walked away and had a chance for everything to sink in, she’d have a different reaction.

State Zero Short Film Find

The only reason I'm bringing this particular short film to you guys is so that you can help me understand the ending. I mean, WAH? And a "To Be Continued" to boot?

Shane Carruth Short Film Finally Released

The film is about our endless quest for more. This character has a void in his life—obviously at the beginning of the film he's missing something profound—and the pyramid fulfills that, somehow. But our man keeps asking for more—Why can't I make a little money on the side?

Interview with Time Lapse Director Bradley King

I can’t say it was quite as thin of a shoestring as Primer (which I love). We actually self funded the movie, just saved up for a few years and then went for it. It was great because it allowed us total creative freedom, but I think on the next one we’d like to find backers of one form or another.

Time Travel Movie Time Lapse Explained

Time Lapse is basically a very simple conceit. Three people, two guys and a gal, who are living together in an apartment, and are maintaining the entire complex, stumble upon a machine. The bottom line for the machine is that it takes polaroids into the future. Exactly 24 hours into the future. Like clockwork the machine points its gaze into the future and tells us what it sees.

New Netflix Series Sense8 From the Wachowskis

I love this idea. Eight people connected somehow against some unknown threat of some sort. The Sense8 allows them to see through each other's eyes and lend strength to one another. Realities overlap and interlace. It looks like a spin off of Heroes maybe?

Lila and Valentin New Short Movie

I absolutely know nothing about this movie besides its name (Lila et Valentin) and what is shown in the trailer below. Besides that, nothing because everything is in French. If you know French I would love some help understanding a number of interviews Adrien Lhommedieu gave about his movie. Curse my mortal body for not knowing and understanding everything!

Modern Hero Interview With Ramin Serry

The first script was actually a wedding movie, where the son comes back from the future and tries to break up his parents’ marriage because he knows it is going to turn out badly. But that idea led to some major confusion over how the story could play out logically. Somehow I stumbled upon the idea that maybe the son should be desperately trying to save his own life.

The Controller Picked Up By Fox

The Controller Picked Up By Fox Recently we've seen a number of avant garde films getting picked up after their short debut on the internet. I'm thinking Sundays (which the director and producers just emailed ...

M Night Shyamalan and His Low Budget Indie The Visit

t the very least I give him kudos for turning the Home Alone concept on its head. If nothing else I think he's ditching the big budgets he's been addicted since coming to Hollywood. And that in itself is an enormous move.

Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux

Man, there is just so much blooming talent on this planet. It really is quite amazing. Check out this fascinating short from Gwenn Germain. Love everything about it

Future Hero Short Movie Time Travel Hilariousness

Future Hero Short Movie Time Travel Hilariousness - I really adore everything about this movie. The second chance the father is given to interact on his son's behalf being the biggest reason I love this short. But I also love the little quips and the jokes along the way.