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Glitches Chapter 2 I messed up somewhere along the road. But I wasn’t sure where exactly. Somehow the summation of all the choices that comprised my life had brought me to this place where I’d become co...
Jeremy Geddes

amazing new artist jeremy geddes

Meet an amazing new artist - Jeremy Geddes who has a style all his own, and yet who pays homage to Van Gogh and the Old Dutch Masters.

New Social App Let’s You Tell Your Story

Everyone Has A Story Inside Them...Over the last several months (is four a several?  I always get that rule confused) I have been helping out with the development of an amazing new social app that will le...
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Non-Profit Web Relevance: Day 1

I'm sure that a lot of you out there are old brick and mortar .com enthusiasts and are pining for the 'good  'ol days' of the internet experience.  What ever happened to the days of the simple .com website expe...
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God is the Great Artist…

I stumbled upon this particular youtube video and was thunderstruck... God really is the great artist who paints with light, rain, clouds and sun......

Is Someone Out To Get You?

Is Someone Out To Get You? - So I'm going for broke then. As scary as it all is. So unbelievably scary. Its all or nothing. And either I'll rise from the ashes and transform into a better person because of it or I'll crash and burn. I'm thinking there is no middle option here.