3.6.13 - gorilla eyes study

Moleskin Sketches

Random bit o’ trivia, I do enjoy a quick sketch every now and again.  Moleskin sketches are a whiff of heaven in my humble opinion.  A doodle here, a charcoal scribble there.  Mainly play in Photoshop and have stayed digital the last year or two and have stayed away from traditional media.  But I figure I should be a little bit more deliberate in my sketching and so I’ve started dumping daily* sketches out here:  https://taylorholmes.com/moleskin-sketches/ if you are interested.

Here are a few random entries from the past month I’ve been putting up:

3.11.13 - Wrongfully Convicted
3.11.13 – Wrongfully Convicted

That is a drawing of Mr. Dewey.  He spent 20 some odd years in prison and was recently released after it was ascertained he had been wrongfully convicted.

medusa sketch
3.15.13 – Modern Medusa

No idea her story.  But enjoyed thrashing her hair to high heaven anyway.  It was the eyes and their blankness that made me keep her.

3.8.13 - comic book girl
3.8.13 – comic book girl

Consciously tried to imitate an comic book style of like Todd McFarlen or some such.  Love the curves and hard lines of comic books.

3.1.13 - This meeting didn't go well.
3.1.13 – This meeting didn’t go well.

A dino-roar for my son.  I think its a T-Rex?  But could be an allosaurus?  I can’t keep those two straight.  Need to ask Ashton.

Anyway, hold me accountable to keeping my sketches going.  (What am I talking about?  This is the same group I asked to show your love towards my book writing, and keeping me moving forward and look where that got me.)  Regardless… Thanks for swinging through.



*Daily as defined by me means – whenever the heck I get around to it… but I’m doing my best to do it more often than not.