David OReilly and His Mountain


David OReilly and His Mountain
David OReilly of Her fame has created a video game.  The game is ingeniously entitled MOUNTAIN, which is a mountain simulator.  Which seems silly in the extreme, except that it is also brilliant.  David was the designer of the video game imbedded within the movie Her.  You know the one, the one with the annoying little kid that swears like a sailor?  Yeah, that game.  Mountain is his first actual video game, but if it brings his standard gorgeous design capabilities to it (which we think he has) then it should be a gorgeous experience.

avid wasn’t clear on the gameplay mechanics, what is clear is that you will be asked a series of existential questions.  You answer by sketching your response.  And then the game will generate a mountain that you will become. The mountain will have its own weather and lifecycle.  You can speed up and slow down time.  There are hidden codes embedded in music that you cam play… and playing said tunes will give you, the mountain god different powers (speeding up and slowing down time, etc.)

MOUNTAIN was first previewed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 12th at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles as part of Venus Patrol’s HORIZON event.

MOUNTAIN is scheduled to release late June, early July on PC, Mac, and iOS.