A Peloton From the Inside

I like a good football game (Broncos possibly?)  Or baseball even (Orioles much?).  March Madness?  I’m totally in.  I don’t even care who’s made it to the round of 64.  But, what about the World Cup?  Wimbledon?  Cricket in India?  Or the Tour de France?

Not sure why, but I rather enjoy sports that run at a global stage like these as opposed to solely a myopic national level.  I fell in love with the Tour de France back before Lance Armstrong won his first Tour.  And I was transfixed throughout his entire reign.  Granted, the blood doping chaos has dampened my spirits a bit… but if you watch this video you’ll see why this is a sport at the highest level of all sports.  This is just nuts.

This particular video is during the spring finish on stage 5 of the Tour de Suisse.  If you don’t even have a clue what a peloton even is – its the main group of riders in a bicycle race.  Basically the riders in the peloton save energy by riding together and sharing point.  Kinda like geese flying long distances and what not.  But the way these riders treat each other in the group is nothing like how Geese treat each other that is for sure!  But the riders save upwards of 40% in energy usage by decreasing drag.

Anyway, I thought this video was groundbreaking.  I had no idea they would even allow go-pro’s on any of the major tours.

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