Jaw-Dropping Lunar Eclipse Over Tajikistan
Tajikistan, a place I have never even flown over. Never even gotten close to. But apparently its a great spot for getting amazing lunar eclipses. Yeah, you heard me right, that is a Lunar… yes, I said Lunar, eclipse. The full moon is so bright in this footage it looks like its actually the sun – a solar eclipse. But no, its the moon. And that is why, when the moon is eclipsed, the Milky Way can be seen perfectly… and the stars. And planets. And oh the gorgeousness of the tracking in this shot.

So jealous. Want so badly to pull something like this off. Just last week there was a lunar eclipse that the colorado enjoyed. We just didn’t get to see both the sun and the moon simultaneously. Which was cool because they were exactly 180 degrees apart. (Not impossible because the atmosphere refracts the light of both bodies, bends them, so we can see both for about 9 minutes. I guess it actually wouldn’t have worked here in Colorado because of our mountains though, now that I think about it. Bah. They make up for it though.)

I could watch this loop for days. Enjoy.

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