Quite Possibly The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Seen
I grew up living by both oceans. I grew up in California, not too far from Long Beach. Then my family moved to Maryland in my teen years and we spent our fair share of time on the beach there as well. Anyone know Ocean City? Hahah. So I’ve seen my fair share of crazy ocean stuff. Whales, dolphins, seals, sharks and the like. I even caught a lionfish on a deepsea fishing trip that about killed me… I’m sure. hehe. Well it was freaky to me anyway.

octopus-hellBut I have never, ever, seen anything as freaky as this little youtube video. That crab got completely pwned by that little octopus. And it was fast! Next thing I know the crab is just doing that thing crabs do. And blam, out the water comes the next entrant in the Godzilla wars. Seriously. First, who knew Octopi could move that fast on land? No, wait, who of you out there knew that Octopi could move on land AT ALL? Because I for one sure didn’t know that. Second, a CRAB? That’d be like me dining on a Sherman Tank. But apparently they can… I know… cause I looked it up. Something about Alien proboscises, and popping out the belly 24 hours later or something?

Anyway, I just had to lighten the mood around here a little bit and share this out of control Nightmare Octopus video with you. Because I can’t be the only one with this thing in my nightmares. You have to have him in your nightmares too. You just do. Sorry about that. Still shivering.

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