Serious Geek Wantage PIXELKABINETT 42

Serious Geek Wantage PIXELKABINETT 42 

I have an arcade case for my iPad called an iCade… and its pretty cool. But this Pixelkabinett 42 takes it to a whole new level of Geek Awesomeness. It’s an arcade case that houses a computer that runs MAME in order to emulate all the old games we know and love from the past. If you don’t know what MAME is, I’m sorry, get your stuff and head back to camp… cause I got nothin’ for ya.

“A unique handmade full-size coin-op arcade cabinet for two players, inspired by old industrial cabinets, vintage mixing consoles and early space travels. The retro futuristic body stands on four unique rocket nozzle like feet. These can be removed or replaced. The cabinet is decorated by a glowing planetarium on the front and an engraved saturn speaker grill. The folding top keep dust away when not in use.

“The Pixelkabinett 42 comes in a numbered limited edition of 50. These made-to-order cabinets can be customized in many ways to suit any customer needs.

“The standard version comes with an original jamma board of your choice, but the cabinet can aslo be customized to run a built-in modern computer, emulating all your favorite games through MAME.”

Wait, what? Only fifty of these things? That basically means that they are extraordinarily expensive. Gotta check – hold on. Prices apparently start at €3,699. That’s what? 50 American?  Hehehe. No, that would be about 4,060 US dollars today. 4 grand?!? Yeah, that’s gonna have to be a bucket list item right after I win the lottery.