Contact Juggling Is The Coolest

Contact Juggling Is The Coolest

Yeah, I know. I’m a dweeb. But I adore juggling in all its forms.

We had an impromptu FI-UHR show…

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Fire is fun. But as it is literally hot to work with, its hard to get the pins down and close, which I enjoy doing more than juggling torches. More of a horizontal pattern, wide swings, as opposed to high flips. Regardless, I’ve been juggling and unicycling for years and years. I’ve even been messing around with contact juggling (which is the act of “juggling” balls that never actually leave your hands.) But this guy is out of control.

I remember one time, I was sitting on the back of a plane, and it was descending, and I had one of my crystal contact balls out and was doing the David Bowie* maneuver of flipping a ball around and around from one hand to the other while staring out the window. You know, like this:

But flipping from one hand to the other. Anyway. There was this stewardess, (No, that’s not right, Flight Attendant, I really am old.) who said, “Oh, FUN! A trick ball… can I try?!?” And I said, “um, sure.” So I handed her the fairly hefty crystal ball and as I did she said, “Does it work with batteries?” And I sort of laughed a bit to myself as I said, “Yeah, batteries.” (It was perfectly clear, I don’t know how one adds a battery to a perfectly clear structure. Anyway.) So she goes to flip it to the back of her hand and she basically chucked it down the aisle… and as the plane was descending, it went screaming down the length of the plane until it thudded against the pilot’s door. THUD! Hahaha. And with a shriek, the stewardess high-tailed it down the plane to retrieve the “Trick Ball”. I’ll never forget that story. Makes me laugh every time I think about it. Anyway, I thought I’d share this guys awesome contact juggling skills, mainly because I’m jealous.

*I say David Bowie, but it was actually a guy standing behind him – a guy by the name of Moschen.