Are You Interested In Being Interviewed?

Are You Interested In Being Interviewed?

I adore people. I love people from all different walks of life. Smart people. Skinny people. Artistic people. Grammar people. Ugly people. Clever people. Normal people. Outside the box people. Inside the box people. I love everyone.

My wife and I have a problem… when we go out on the rare date night we find that we’ve been sitting and staring at a point at the wall across the way as we both have been listening to the conversation of the table next to us. Yeah, we are that kind of people. Other humans are just so flipping fascinating to me.

I’ve spent a ton of time this past year interviewing 48 different people this past year. Lots and lots of artists. Photographers. A ton of Directors. Writers. A couple different Game Developers. And other random guys. But you don’t have to be famous or “talented” to be interesting to me. Right now, I have 4 different interviews in the works. One with the author of Illuminae, one artist and I documenting the creation of a piece, and another cool one I am really excited about that I will release soon enough. I work hard to represent everyone I interview well. I really do.

And believe it or not, you are fascinating to me. Here’s the deal. I would really really love it if you would let me find out a little bit about yourself… and then ask you 8 or 10 questions via email. It could go something like this:

Taylor – “So, Mike, you are a ‘Sanitation Expert’, what the heck is that? I mean, literally, what do you do?”

Mike – “I drive a trash truck. And also a recycling truck. I sometimes work shifts at the recycling plant as well.”

Taylor – “That is awesome. So basically what you’re saying is that you get to ride illegally on the sides of moving vehicles and get paid for it. You are my hero. Do you enjoy it?”

Mike – “Absolutely not. Hate it because my partner I ride with sings power ballads non-stop. I’m getting my doctorate at night though, so there is that.”

Taylor – “HAHAHa. Power Ballads. That’s awesome. What’s his name… maybe I should be interviewing him instead. What is your thesis about? And how long have you been working on it?”

Mike – “He’s something else. I’m studying migratory patterns of unladen swallows.”

Taylor – “Monty Python fan I take it. Well played. If you are working on a doctorate about unladen swallows, what is Power Ballad Boy working on in his spare time?”

Mike – “Funny you should ask, he’s unsuccessfully applied for American Idol 320 times. He’s basically a hobbyist line stander.”


Something like that. I’d probably ask you questions that would make you think. Questions that would make me think. Questions that would make the readers think about their own lives. And isn’t that what this life is all about? Learning from each other? And growing together?

I’m serious. If you are a stay at home mom… I want you. If you are a missile silo jockey, I want you. If you are homeless I definitely want you. If you are bored. I want you. If you are boring I really want you. Anyone. Everyone is special. And everyone can teach us all something. We just need to know where to look.

I once emailed 4,000 people. Randomly. (Seriously, this isn’t me and my friend hyperbole right now. I literally emailed 4,000 random names.) And I was just trying to find people that would answer a few questions. NO ONE RESPONDED. But since you are reading this, the likelihood of you not thinking me a freak (well…) is a little higher.

So if you’d like to subject yourself to being interviewed. Just email me at TAYLOR at TAYLORHOLMES . COM and subject line it something to the effect of RANDOM INTERVIEW. So that it gets my attention. Thanks everyone for considering it! I really am dying to interview you. YOU. Yeah… YOU!