Monument Valley Now Out On Vinyl

Monument Valley Now Out On Vinyl

I’ve talked here about Monument Valley before. Monument Valley is a gorgeous iOS MC Eschersque game that is up in the top five handheld games in as many years. It’s simple, elegant and distractingly beautiful. The levels are clever, and distortingly, mind alteringly brilliant. And the soundtrack is simple, refined, and elegant as well. It’s truly a marvel throughout.

Well, now you can preorder the soundtrack on vinyl. Hahaha. 70% of you don’t even know what records are or have ever listened to one. Kinda like when I bought an old car to tied me over for a bit until I could pickup the car I really wanted…. And my children asked what these handles did. “Try them” I say. And woooah, the Windows went down!!! Hahah. Regardless, this LP is worth buying a record player for I am certain. Or heck, just buy it and put it on your wall. It’s just as gorgeous as the game.

Preorder it now out on the 8-bit store.

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