Artistic Duo Robert and Shana Are Here to Post-Apocalyptic Inform You


Artistic Duo Robert and Shana Are Here to Post-Apocalyptic Inform You 

Art should say something. And the better the art, the louder it should impact you. Not exactly that it should be loud. But that it should impact you loudly. There’s a significant difference. Take for example Banksy. Banksy’s works aren’t loud, per se. But they are loudly impactful. Take for example Jeremy Geddes, or Shepard Fairey, or others of that ilk. Artists that commentate on the deteriorating nature of life, the universe and everything… have an impact on the viewer. They basically manhandle the normal expected beliefs and ideas, and shake us out of our reverie.

Well I’ve recently discovered a pair of artists that have been collaborating over the past 20 years to develop some truly arresting art with the intent of megaphoning a position and idea to the culture around them, but doing it quietly, diligently and profoundly.

The tones are mainly sepia and dust based colors which are obviously purposeful. The only color that cuts through their work usually is from butterflies or natural elements that seem to be attacking their human enemies. Some of my favorite pieces though show man as a inadvertent yet hopeless predator of our world. We are scientifically engineering a planet for the better, we think. We are bio-engineering solutions, that cause more problems than they solve. And this all comes from simple mixed-media paintings and photographs that proclaim these truths which at first were not so self evident. But upon experiencing these pieces you wonder how you hadn’t seen it before, it’s staring you in the face now.

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