Tripping to Haiti

(Quick update – just came back to let you all know that we attempted to make our way to the créche to pick up the boys today, but had to turn back because of burning blockades. Even our attempts to get back to the hotel fter making it to the embassy was really dangerous. Crazy. I have never seen anything like it before. There were a number of people that died during the rioting even. You can read more about it here on Al Jazeera. Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled blogging…)

Hey there gang. This is a belated post to say thanks. Why, is THiNC. guy thanking us, I hear you saying. Well. How about I tell you? 

A lot of years ago now, like 3? 5? I don’t know – wait, I’ll tell you. Yup, five. So yeah, five years ago, I told you all… “Hey, I’ve got an idea. I think we are going to adopt a kid or two.” And I told you about it. At that point, we had been working on adopting two children from Haiti for two years already. So I was thinking…. maybe random nice people on the web will throw a little bit of cash our way to help make this happen. You know what? Some of you did. It was pretty dang cool. Especially since 5 years ago this site was a backwater of a backwater. A puddle of a puddle. (Even now it’s still a backwater… but there are more of you weirdos like me hanging out anyway.) 

Where was I? I’m not sure. But I know where I am right now. I’m sitting with the fam, at the airport at 3am, heading out to Haiti. Why? Well, that is the cool part – we are on our way – after seven years (really nine, but that is a different story for a different day, and a pint… definitely needs a pint) to go and pick up 2 glorious young boys from Haiti. Interested in meeting the boys? Now that they are legally ours, I’m green lit to share a photo with you finally. 

Ok, so yeah… pretty exciting week in the Holmes family history book. But, the point of my writing, was mainly to say that I’m sure my movie reviews will get crazy sporadic and weird, and probably fairly incoherent over the next couple weeks. It is what it is. Also I just wanted to send you guys a huge thank you for lending a hand all those years ago. Five specifically. (Don’t believe me, check out this post...) You guys are the best. You really are. 

I just saw that I estimated the cost 40-50k? And I’m betting we are closer to 70k, maybe 75k now. Every year, as we waited, home studies would expire, and we’d have to resubmit them. Which meant, people doing stuff, and shuffling of paper occurring. And who knew that shuffling of papers was so fracking expensive? Holy cow. Oh, and translations. Oh and visits to the boys. Oh and lawyers to sue countries and governments for the movement of stuck processes, or something. I’m really still confused as to what took so long. 

And about half way through? I was done. Just stopped. I even told my spousal unit, enough. The burning bush has gone out. Poof. Done. Said bush has been extinguished. But, somehow, we continued on and today… we find ourselves sitting in an airport wondering what the heck is about to happen to our family.  As you are reading this, and if you are like… dude, that’s sad. But dude that’s cool!! And you feel like donating towards the cause – you can be certain that 100% of your donations will be given directly to two little boys that have been stolen out of a land of sadness and poverty. Promise. I think we are still 20-30k in the hole from unexpected craziness. So yeah, if you feel up for it great. If not, no stress at all. 

And if donations don’t turn your crank – consider buying some of my junk! I’ve posted a number of things over at my Christmas gift ideas, which you can find right here. Anyway, thanks again gang. And I’ll see ya all on the flip side.