PSA: The OA Season 2 Coming March 22nd

I’m pretty outspoken about how little I get into television. But TV seems to be getting better and better of late. More and more like long form films as opposed to episodic string alongs for television junkies. (Although, this past week I had the flu som’n terrble, and I spent half my sleepless nights watching the first couple of seasons of Halt and Catch Fire. Which I came to via Mackenzie Davis in Izzy and Always Shine, and not my career in the IT field. But whoah did I just digress.)

But a couple years ago, I did a deep dive walk through of a show called The OA – or, The Original Angel. It was an amazing sort of a head trip. From the minds of Brit Marling, and Zal Batmanglij. Right?!? Cool huh?!? Oh, you’ve never heard of either brilliant individual? Here, well, this dynamic duo was the creative force behind The East, The Sound of My Voice, I Origins, and the like. Each a brilliant mindjob all to its own. All walking this line between faith and science. You are pretty much guaranteed a delightful movie to make you think, if you were to just follow Brit around.

So, The Original Angel season 1 was all about a woman that went missing years before, but then just returns, out of nowhere. Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling) eventually begins telling her story to a few kids (which felt reminiscent of a Stephen King device if you ask me), about her abduction and the experiments performed on her which made her able to see the other side. Yeah, full tilt. But full tilt goodness. I really enjoyed it. The supposed insanity of Dr. Percy. The repeated murders and revivals. The clan of kids listening to Prairie’s story. The different movements. The ending. And the, how could they possibly continuing to balance this story on a knife’s edge through into season 2?!?

Regardless, out of the blue, season two is hitting our Netflix inboxes on March 22nd. And, although my birthday is in June (which, I’m sure you all know already), I am considering this my early birthday present to me.

I’m sure this won’t be the last you hear me talk about season two of The OA. Steel yourselves.

Edited by, CY