Top 25 Movie Mindjob Countdown – Unknown

As I explained – in this much too long post – I have decided to mine the depths of this site’s intellectual movie capital of crazy awesome movies and craft a top 25 movies list. Now, this movies list will be unlike any other movie list you’ve ever seen. Why? Because Quality and Unknowness will be equally weighted. And lucky for you, I built an algorithm to find and surface the crazy mindjobs that no one has heard of so that I can bring them to you in this top twenty five countdown. Our list so far:

Can’t wait to see this list grow as we find more and more movies that are below your radar… And here is the total list of every movie published so far.

Top 25 Movie Mindjob Countdown - Unknown - and the most overlooked mindjob movies of the last decade or so.

Number 14 – Unknown

Unknown is a closed box mind puzzle. No! Not the Liam Neeson Unknown. Definitely not that one. The other one – the Jim Caviezel, Bridget Mynahan, Greg Kinnear, Barry Pepper, 2006 movie Unknown. You know – the Unknown you’ve never heard of before in your life, Unknown.

The movie kicks of with men in a warehouse regaining consciousness. But something about the warehouse and their experiences caused them to forget who they are or what they are doing there. But soon they all realize they are all trapped. And based on the way they woke up, it doesn’t seem like all of them are on the same side. And so it is a race to the realization of what is going on.

Unknown is totally an unknown wonder. Literally no one knows this movie. I think domestically it made … total, $26,000. The widest release it enjoyed was 6 theaters. And if you do go looking for this movie, you are going to find the Liam Neeson movie entitled Unknown instead. I promise. But if you want to watch this movie right now, I cannot help you. The link I had up is now not working. If someone knows of a place we can get our hands on this brilliant film, do let us know, would you?

The reason this movie made it to this list is two-fold. First, just how few people know it. And secondly, and more importantly, for its ability to zig and zag its way through to the ending. There are so many secrets revealed as we go there is no way you could anticipate them all. And it’s also what makes this movie such an enjoyment to watch. You’ll see. Go watch it and tell me what you think of it. I promise you, it’s worth your time.

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