To The Lake Russian Pandemic Recommendation

To The Lake Russian Pandemic Recommendation
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To The Lake Russian Pandemic Recommendation – because you don’t have enough pandemic in your life right now. Or, To The Lake Russian Pandemic Movie Will Remind You Just How Lucky You Really Are. Or, To The Lake – Will Explain Why Your Particular Pandemic is Weak Sauce.

The new Russian series show, To The Lake, is pretty crazy. It tells the story of a sickness spreading throughout Russia. The Russian media is covering it up, and it’s really up to the local citizens to figure out how to survive on their own. Moscow has been closed. And it’s all due to the fact that there is a sickness that causes the eyes to cloud over, a cough, and bleeding out the orifices. In a word, Covid-19 has nothing on this particular pandemic.

The series is about the story of a covered-up sickness that crashes into a local school in the heart of Moscow. The local authorities make it clear that they have it under control. But to those in the heart of the situation, it’s abundantly clear that they do not. Men in gas masks, and decontamination suits come and spray the sick with medicine. Wait, check that, men in gas masks, and decontamination suits come and spray the sick with white paint so as to know who is sick, and who is not. There is no cure. There are no medicines. The contamination spreads via touch, via the air, no one has any idea how it is spreading.

All of these details sound familiar? Maybe it’s similar to a Covid-19 outbreak you heard about recently? Coverups, detainment and unknown virology details. So, too, is the world To the Lake.

The limited series follows one group – ill-fated, and poorly planned – as they attempt to get out of the city, and head to a place by the lake a thousand kilos away. Sergei brings his new girlfriend whom he left his wife and child for. Oh, and he also brings his wife and son. Sergei’s father comes as well. Sergei’s neighbor, the neighbor’s pregnant wife, and his neurotic daughter also come. It’s a crash that keeps on giving. Occasionally the series drops into the land of 24 and that show’s well-discussed neuroses. (You know, mountain lions, and crazy shark jumpings.) But generally it sticks to the land of the plausible. There is plenty of fuel here for this particular fire. Trust me.

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And all those recommendations were all free. No charge. Zero interest. And you say there is no kindness in the world anymore. And several of these are epic, brilliant, and will change your life. For example, It Comes At Night?!? Hahaha. So much goodness there. And what about The Girl With All the Gifts?? Read the book, watch the movie, chat with the author! I was so enthralled, I did. Pontypool? Closed box brilliance. Night Eats the World. Dang. These are all good.

(I’m really sorry but, – – – that is literally the worst Photoshop job I’ve ever done in my life. Good lord almighty… that is right atrocious. Gah. I should go to Photoshop Detention.)

What other apocalyptic movies, or intelligent zombie movies, should get added to this list? I’ll send out a Starbucks card to the person that posts the BEST realistic zombie or apocalypse movie I missed here. (Hint, I missed A LOT.) Someone remind me to check your comments. I’m going to forget I promised you guys a Starbucks. Make sure you post your email address with your comment.

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