THiNC. Movie Spotlight #39

THiNC. Movie Spotlight #39 – THiNC. Movie Spotlight #39 – Wherein Chris and the entire Discord chat save the day, and provide brilliant movies for you to consider watching instead of spending time with your family, or loved ones. Haha! Joke. Watch these movies with your loved ones, and ignore them while sitting close to them. It’s brilliant! My two favorite movies on this week’s list? Lamb, which had such a crazy ending, I found myself laughing out loud at the turn. That and Language Lessons. But most importantly, thanks for supporting THiNC. as we strive to bring you these great films week after week.

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The Painted Bird – HuluCzech movie… but otherwise, literally no idea what The Painted Bird is about, but, because Nancy mentioned it? I’m intrigued. Then, I looked up the movie on IMDb, and it has Udo Kier (Bacurau, American Animals), Stellan Skarsgård (Good Will Hunting (officially my favorite movie of all time, this will break hearts, I understand that), Dune, Chernobyl, etc), and I noticed like two other faces I recognized in that trailer. I’m totally fascinated Nancy. Nice snag.

Lamb – in theaters now – Have we talked about this one out here in the light of day yet? We’ve been discussing it for so long over on Discord, I can’t keep track. But this looks like a mindjob straight out of a Yorgos Lanthimos movie. A couple give birth to a lamb? Or something? And yeah? Downhill downhill enough said, chaos? Looks pretty crazy. Thanks for the heads up Lisa. Speaking of Lisa, here’s another pick she’s recommending.

Chestnut Man – NetflixGotta say, this one looks fantastic. Cold cases. Child killer. European politics? This looks very similar in tone and feel to Black Spot. I do think that these police procedurals, and ultra dark tone will be the defining characteristics of that last 15 years. When we joke about film in the oughts, we’ll think about series’ like this one and True Detective, you know? But they are so compelling. Can’t wait to put this one on a list and never get to it.

Furia – Viaplay in Denmark – only available right now via VPN, (sign up with PureVPN and help THiNC. out) and then watch it over on ViaPlay. Not sure if they have English subs yet. But this looks like a great series, and worth the hassle. “Asgeir and Ragna get entangled in a web of radical right-wing groups and followers – sending them on a journey from the fjords of Norway to a Berlin preparing for Germany’s election.” Thanks for the heads up Chris!

Language Lessons –

It’s no secret that I’m the world’s biggest Mark Duplass fanboy… I Loved Safety Not Guaranteed, Creep 1, and Creep 2, and on and on. I just love the indie spirit behind how he gets movies made and the brilliant twists and turns that come from them. I reviewed this one, and absolutely had a blast with it… you will too.

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