THiNC.’s Best Movies and Shows of 2021

THiNC.’s Best Movies and Shows of 2021- I mean, that is why we are here, day after day, hunting for that unicorn of a film. And this year’s unicorn? The Pig. What a glorious movie about grace… literally the anti-John-Wickian film. Glorious story of repentance, and forgiveness. Literally the perfect movie.

But we also saw gems like The Wanting Mare – a fantastical film about an island of indentured individuals trying to make it across to better horizons. Licorice Pizza – a movie about two really glorious characters. The Promising Young Woman, a story about the #MeToo movement set to the cadence of revenge. The Novice, the story about rowing… but, oh, so much more. And the surprise win of this list? The Killing of Two Lovers. A movie set in the backwaters of Kansas, and so utterly surprising in every way. And while this year – wrapped in its Covid face masks and pandemic trappings – wasn’t exactly extraordinary in its movie making, the gemstones were still there to be found for those that searched for them.

And while these are all good films – these are just my selections for the THiNC. movies of the year. I would love to know where you disagree with me so I can bar you from the site entirely. So, I’d like to know which ones you would add – and maybe I can add a fan favorites list if we get enough disagreements! Can’t wait to read your favorites.

THiNC.’s Favorite Films of 2021

  1. Pig
  2. Dune
  3. The Wanting Mare
  4. Flashback
  5. Lamb
  6. The Night House
  7. Licorice Pizza
  8. Promising Young Woman
  9. The Power of the Dog
  10. Nine Days
  11. My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To
  12. Old Henry
  13. The Novice
  14. The Killing of Two Lovers
  15. Language Lessons

Best International Films We Discussed in 2021

  1. On Body and Soul
  2. Lamb
  3. New Order (Nuevo Orden)
  4. Surge
  5. In the Earth

Best Series We Discussed in 2021

1. Behind Her Eyes
2. The Head
3. Squid Games
4. Mare of Easttown
5. Black Spot

There you have it. Something like 100 hours of glorious entertainment. All for free – because I love you dearly. You are welcome.

Edited by: CY