Gorgeous Animation Short from Glen Keane

Gorgeous Animation Short from Glen Keane - You know Glen Keane even if you don't know his name. Mr. Keane is the lead animator, designer for If you aren't aware, Glen Keane was the lead animator that designed Pocahantas, Little Mermaid, Tangled, etc. He did this animated short for the recent Google I/O conference.

Sorkin and Flashboys will be money

Aaron Sorkin and Flashboys will be money Michael Lewis is the economic equivalent to Malcolm Gladwell. You push a tipping point, I give you the Blind Side.  Counter with Malcolm's book Blink and I give you Lew...

OK Go Mind Blowing Music Video

OK Go Mind Blowing Music Video - This music video by Ok Go is fantastic. The band spent three weeks setting up the illusions and then they took over 50 takes to get it right. Its a single 4 minute cut and there are dozens and dozens of optical illusions queued one right after the other as the band members continue singing along as the illusions continue to land.

Super Slow Motion Lightning Hotness

Super Slow Motion Lightning Hotness - This is fascinating. I could watch this video for hours. I'm actually stuck in a loop as the lightning tip toes across my screen! hahah. Alright. I'm done here. You can continue about your day.

You Shall Know Our Velocity Eggers and Radcliffe

You Shall Know Our Velocity Eggers and Radcliffe - Now the bigger question is, will Radcliffe pull this thing off, or will he wash out? But lately Radcliffe has taken it upon himself to become the literary go to within Hollywood. Obviously Radcliffe played the Mr. Potter in one of the biggest selling book movie productions of all time. What you may not know is that he also played starring roles in the 2007 "December Boys," based on an Australian book, a 2012 British horror movie based on the novel "The Woman in Black," and last year's "Kill Your Darlings," in which he starred as poet Allen Ginsberg. Next year, Radcliffe will play Igor in a new version of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein." So hopefully he has learned enough to carry this movie.
edge of tomorrow ending explained

The Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat) Time Travel and Ending Explained

The Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat) Time Travel and Ending Explained - the concept is simple, but in practice it is truly complex. The Edge of Tomorrow is a time travel nightmare of nests and perpetual loops that cause one's head to explode if you think about it too long. Join us as we untangle the Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster movie and we explain the definitive unraveling of this fantastic movie.

NASA Shuttle Challenger Documentary

NASA Shuttle Challenger Documentary - I will never forget where I was when I saw the launch. I could walk you to the room in my Middle School and point to where I was seated. Everyone who saw it live will never forget seeing the shuttle break apart just over a minute later. The result of that explosion was the killing of seven astronauts, including the first “teacher in space” – Christa McAuliffe. This 20 minute documentary revisits the tragic event – and the 2003 Columbia disaster — through interviews with key participants, and explores the forces that lead groups within large organizations to make dreadfully wrong decisions.

Tori Amos Madonna Frozen Cover

Tori Amos Madonna Frozen Cover Oh and Cloverfield - Tori Amos performed in Amsterdam, Concertgebouw. And apparently she has been taking a break from her own stuff each night to cover other artists during the show. In Amsterdam she chose to hit Madonna's sweet song, Frozen. No not Disney's Frozen... which would be epic for DIFFERENT reasons. Anyway very nice little cover here. Love it. But pretty much anything Tori does is amazing in my opinion.

Happy Birthday Me Flipbook Kit

Oh my gosh. I laughed and laughed and laughed when I saw this originally. First, let me tell you that my birthday is coming. This is important information. Why? Because I so want one of these, and this would be a fantastic gift. Really. I mean, most friends, hem-and-haw and say, "No really its ok... you don't need to honor my birthday in any way, whatsoever. I'm really just pond scum..." You know that particular drill. But that is not what I'm doing for you. I am coming right out and saying this. THIS. THIS is exactly what I want. And if 12 of you buy one for me, ALL THE BETTER. Apparently they even have kits that let you motorize them - and then chain them together?!? YES PLEASE! hahaha.

New Nolan Interstellar Trailer

New Nolan Interstellar Trailer - Christopher Nolan is working on a new film. I first mentioned it a couple months ago - but the previous trailer couldn't even be considered anything but a pile of inspirational shots and then a trail of smoke leading out into the heavens. Now Nolan has release an actual trailer that has turned the interwebs into a roiling, frothing chaos of speculation and excitement. Some are saying Nolan said nothing in this trailer. Some are saying its the greatest trailer of the year.

Home Run Derby Mickey Mantle vs Willie Mays

Looking for a smile today? I smiled for 20 minutes straight while watching this video of Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle performing for this one on one homerun derby competition. I loved everything about this video. The kindness of the contestants. The golly-gee-wiz attitude of the announcer. The "Recorded with MULTIPLE CAMERAS" comment at the end. Pretty much everything about this little competition was golden through and through. I think my life is now a substantially better thing after watching this flash back to a better era.

Gentlemen of Letters Documentary

Gentlemen of Letters DocumentaryLetter forms. Signage. Graphic Designer. Structures. Formation. Hand painted. Human quality. Subconsciously drawn. Letter types. Manually made. Bartered Price. Cold & r...
Gravity 2013 Movie Sandra Bullock Review

Alternate Gravity Ending Goodness

Alternate Gravity Ending Goodness - You are all summarily fired as my friends. All of you - the whole of the interwebs. Why am I only finding out about this awesome alternate gravity ending goodness now? I mean, really? You all had so many opportunities to share with me before now, but NOOOOO. I see how it is. Thanks a lot. And so, duh, yer fired.