Best Con Artist Movies

Best Con Artist Movies of all time. Our list includes the greats like; The Sting, Ocean's Eleven, The Grifter, The Spanish Prisoner, Nine Queens, etc. Join in on the discussion of the absolute best Con Artist Movies of all time

Definitive Must See Documentary List

This is my definitive must see documentary list. It contains all the "Must See" movies of the past 10 years. Definitely a worthwhile list to check out.

Paperman – Oscar Win!!

Update - Congratulations to Disney and their Oscar for Paperman. It definitely was well deserved! As a side note I thought it extremely cute that Kristina Reed was kicked out of the Oscars after throwing three ...

A Primer Movie Primer

A Primer Movie Primer - a discussion of one of the greatest movies of all time, Primer. Theories, diagrams and investigations. A Primer Movie Primer.

Top 10 Best Guy Movies

Top 10 Best Guy Movies of the last decade. Interested in getting together with the guys to watch explosions, bullets and chaos? This list is for you.

Top 10 Best Dialogue Movies

The Top 10 Best Dialogue Movies of all time. Join in on the conversation and see if yours passes muster for the Top 10 Best Dialogue Movies of all time.

5 Best Mind Bending Movies

Looking for a movie to mess with your mind? Join us as we detail out the top 5 Best Mind Bending Movies of all time. These are amazing films!

A List of Inception Quotes

To help us understand Inception better, I have listed out a list of inception quotes. These quotes give us insight into how Inception really works.

10 Troubling Inception Questions

Join us as we tackle 10 Inception Questions. What is Limbo? How do the dream rules work? Who dreamed each layer? And a pile more.

Inception Totems Explanation

Join us for an Inception Totems Explanation - each totem is unique and as different as the character - but what is Cobb's totem?!? Come find out.