The Shining Hedgerow Maze Competition at the Stanley

I've been saying for years, and years, that the scariest, and one of the best books of all time is definitely The Shining. And the movie, with Jack Nicholson is a serious cult classic. Just a phenomenal movie. Definitely two amazing heavyweights in the world of books and movies. Redrum, Redrum.

Short Film Find Interview Confusion Through Sand

Short Film Find Interview Confusion Through Sand Every now and again you experience something so new and innovative you reevaluate everything you've seen before.  Confusion Through Sand is like that.  At fir...

New Serial Asia McClain Affidavit

Not that we need more evidence of Serial's absolute, and completely overwhelming hold on society, including our judicial system, but here it is all the same. Asia McCLain has filed an affidavit stating that she was with Adnan between the times of 2:20 p.m and 2:40 p.m. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about - please just stop reading and go listen.

My Life Sux Now Another Catfish

So there was a documentary (Mockumentary? Meme w/in a meme? Internet scam?) that came out a year or two ago called Catfish. A guy begins to fall in love online and he and his friends decide to start recording video about the whole internet side of it and the unveiling of this relationship over time. They spoke on the phone, shipped art to each other, wrote love poems. It was very sweet... and intriguing. Only glitch? The woman on the other end of the relationship was a sham.

Monty Python Reunion Dead Parrot Sketch

I'm sure you already knew that Monty Python was performing again together on a reunion tour.  But only just recently have they begun to release any of the videos from the reunion out on Youtube.  And its a riot to watch.  Not because they are better than the originals... not at all.  But because they are laughing at themselves not being as good as they used to be.

Her Story Game Interview With Sam Barlow

Right now I can't think of another game with a more innovative play technique happening. Within was interesting as an experiment.  Maybe The Witness will return us to our Myst roots too?  But those are all recognizable as "games".  Navigate the world.  Investigate your environment.  Solve problems.  Move to the next area, repeat.  But Her Story is completely different.

Short Film Find Isolated

We think it's all about the story. We honed it until we thought it was good enough. Then we figured out how to make it, and cgi was the shortest path.

Watch Black Mirror Now

Each episode is a social jab, and a very loud and in your face commentary as life as we know it today. Hackers steal brain storage drives. Political Mutually Assured Distruction flaunts itself as Performance Nihilism. Voyeurism becomes rallying cries becomes voyeurism again. Its truly one of the most cleverly written shows I've ever encountered.

Facebook A-Reel Competition Uncovered

I left Facebook a long long time ago. Alright, granted, I do have an F-book account... with one friend (my lovely wife.) but that's different. Regardless, this video is a lot of the reason as to why I plan to not use F-book ever and to not wander back to the voyeuristicness of that crazy world.

Short Film Find – Interview With A Time Traveler

Selfishly could you please tell me what happened on the corner of Main and 59th? My theory is that Paul's son died through some screw up of his. Maybe he had an opportunity to save his son and he didn't? Care to share any thoughts on that? Or maybe I should just contact Peter (writer for IWTT) on that front?

Friendly Oscars Pool Competition 2015

If you are interested in jumping in and watching the car crash happen with me this year, I've created a pool that everyone can join. Come one, come all!! Here is the information you need to jump in:

American Sniper Movie Review

It begins and ends right there. The struggle for Chris and his lack of awareness of the struggle. We needed a hero, but what we don't understand is that this hero-ness that we have requested Chris to take on for us comes with a massive price for him personally. A price for his young family. A price for his own soul and peace of mind. A price for his friendships and his life.

Everything everything and everything review

Everything everything and everything review - It says a ton about life, and being human. It speaks to man's tendency to abuse the holy in our lives, and to harness it all ultimately for really shallow purposes.

Greatest Movie Theories To Blow Your Mind

I've always wanted to pull together in a single blog posting many of the various theories about movies that I have created or that I adore. I've definitely done my fair share of crazy theory development. And I'll be honest with you, one of the main reasons I create some of my crazier theories is just to piece together illogical movies that are otherwise good. But a better reason for for creating theories is just because you guys eat 'em up.  But I have been creating crazy ideas for movies since I can remember.