The Bible Experiment

In The Bible Experiment we will go through every book of the Bible searching for the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Bible Experiment Acts

Bible Experiment Acts, wherein we accidentally stumble across the meaning of life, the universe, and everything... and it's available to everyone. who knew?

Bible experiment John

Bible experiment John - or how it is that we have received the greatest Christmas gift ever...

Bible Experiment Luke

Bible Experiment Luke - wherein I bet you that if you read the book of Luke, and don't find it insightful, then I'll pay you for your time.

Bible Experiment Mark

Bible Experiment Mark - wherein the the gospel of Mark shows you something worth dying for, and better yet... something worth living for.

Bible Experiment Malachi

Bible Experiment Malachi - wherein we close out the Old Testament, and recap what we've learned over the last 39 books. Which, I manage to do in no less than 3 words. Yeah, you are welcome.

Bible Experiment Zechariah

Bible Experiment Zechariah - or wherein you get to see a prophet shoot a hole in one on Mars from here on Earth. It's a spectacular shot. One that has to be seen to be believed.

Bible Experiment Haggai

Bible Experiment Haggai - wherein I finally complete the path followed by my predecessor and respond to some of his fiercest objections.

Bible Experiment Zephaniah

Bible Experiment Zephaniah - to hear that God is offering to wipe away shame and to remove the pride from my heart? That I will be restored to Him? Are you crazy... that is amazing.

Bible Experiment Nahum

Bible Experiment Nahum is a topic no one tackles today... that of Peace in the midst of chaos. That is calm in the storm. Nahum is relevant today.

Bible Experiment Micah

Bible Experiment Micah - wherein we wade into another book of the Bible that hears from God, only to be ignored by the people. Are you ignoring God today?

Bible Experiment Jonah

Bible Experiment JonahLet's just hit this book running because I have a pile to say this week. Buckle up. '"The word of the Lord came to Jonah son of Amittai: “Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach ag...

Bible Experiment Obadiah

Bible Experiment Obadiah - wherein I take a 500 word book of the Bible with one chapter and turn it into a 2,000 word discussion on your hostility towards God. Who knew?

Bible Experiment Amos

With Amos we see once again, that God is talking to us again today, calling us to himself... reconciling us to himself, if only we would listen.

Bible Experiment Joel

Bible Experiment JoelHave you ever had someone prophesy over you? Has anyone ever told you your future? Is that all crap and hocus pocus? Well I'm going to do that for you today. It's gonna get awesome up i...