The Bible Experiment

In The Bible Experiment we will go through every book of the Bible searching for the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Bible Experiment I Chronicles

But David here calls out to the One and only True God. He thanks God for allowing him the opportunity to give back to Him. That is the correct perspective to have in life. To realize that through God we have life... we live, we move, we have our being. Everything comes from God. And it is because of His infinite goodness that we just took that last breath. And it is through His love for us that we can be reconciled to Him.

II Kings Bible Experiment

His message was also for the tribes of Israel to stop sinning and return to God. From day one I've been amazed at how the Bible was all about our love relationship with Him. And even though we don't listen to signs, He is giving them to us. Plenty of them. All around us. All the time. The question is, are we seeing them?

Bible Experiment I Kings

Pretty sad demise of a guy who actually did a great job listening to God in his younger years. So the question for me, and my life is, what am I doing to continue walking with my one true love? How am I actively diving into God as opposed to playing it fast and loose? Am I looking for ways to kill the foreign gods in my life? Or am I allowing the comforts and the gorgeous women in my life to accrete over time? Do I only think about what I want? Or what God wants? Solomon was wise, but he wasn't wise enough to deal with the guiles of over 1000 women in his life. No man is. Have I begun to think myself way way too big for my own britches?

Bible Experiment II Samuel

I think the lesson for me here is that God blessed David in spite of his sin. But there were still enormous consequences to his sin. Family chaos. Children that were hell bent on taking David's kingdom from him. And a nation ultimately paid for his sins. The better path is to be faithful to do what God asks you to do. Yes, there is grace and forgiveness. But life is better and more full when we obey God and listen to his commands immediately.

The Bible Experiment I Samuel

So, I've been doing this thing - if you are catching us mid-stride, maybe you ought to start here instead? But reading here is fine too, whatever. Basically I am just going through every single book of the Bibl...

Ruth Bible Experiment

And Ruth's faith is rewarded a million fold. Not only is Ruth's faith rewarded for Naomi, but also for herself and how she is remembered throughout History. In Judges we talked about how King David's line came through a prostitute. And this week we see how David and Jesus' line go through a gentile's line.

The Bible Experiment Judges

My problems with Judges begin and end with a character named Jephtah. His story begins promisingly enough, in that he is the son of a prostitute. But eventually Jephtah's half brothers kicked him out of the family. And once out of the clan, Jephtah becomes something of a brawler, and becomes a leader of the leaderless, and the family-less.

The Bible Experiment Numbers

The Bible Experiment Numbers - an experiment wherein I go through each book of the Bible in order to grapple with the details and the complications of that particular book of the Bible.

The Bible Experiment Leviticus

The Bible Experiment Leviticus, is my attempt to read through every single book of the Bible and discuss the hard bits and the relevant bits and the confusing bits all in one go. I am being 100% honest about what I read, what I don't understand, and figuring out just how it could possibly be integral in anyone's life.

The Bible Experiment Genesis

The Bible Experiment Genesis is a 66 post review of the Bible from an end to end standpoint. My goal is to review each chapter of the Bible objectively and examine the point of that book in the overall scheme of the Bible.